Rhenium and platinum recovery from platinum and rhenium catalysts used

  title={Rhenium and platinum recovery from platinum and rhenium catalysts used},
  author={Nataliya Fedorovna Drobot and Tatyana A. Kupriyanova and Vladimir Alexandrovich Krenev and M. N. Filippov},
  journal={Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering},
  • Nataliya Fedorovna Drobot, Tatyana A. Kupriyanova, +1 author M. N. Filippov
  • Published 2009
  • Chemistry
  • Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering
  • A Pt-Re catalyst-based rhenium and platinum recovery solvolyticometallurgical technique has been developed by chlorinating with chlorine gas mixed with dimethylformamide and hydrochloric acid. The two-stage process conducted with burning residue after the first phase chlorination results in additional platinum transfer into the solution and makes it possible to obtain 70–94% platinum recovery and 91–96% percent rhenium recovery 

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