Rhamnogalacturonan I from xylem differentiating zones of Cryptomeria japonica.

  title={Rhamnogalacturonan I from xylem differentiating zones of Cryptomeria japonica.},
  author={Yusuke Edashige and Tadashi Ishii},
  journal={Carbohydrate research},
  volume={304 3-4},
Rhamnogalacturonan I (RG-I) was isolated from the pectin of the cell wall of xylem differentiating zones of sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don, gymnosperm) by digesting with endo-alpha-1,4-polygalacturonase followed by gel-permeation chromatography. Structure of RG-I was characterized by glycosyl composition and glycosyl linkage analyses, partial acid hydrolysis, and lithium (Li)-treatment in ethylenediamine. The oligosaccharides produced by partial acid hydrolysis showed the backbone of RG-I to… CONTINUE READING