Rhabdomyolysis from an intramuscular injection of glyphosate-surfactant herbicide.

  title={Rhabdomyolysis from an intramuscular injection of glyphosate-surfactant herbicide.},
  author={S Weng and D S Hung and Sung-Yuan Hu and Y T Tsan and Lee-Min Wang},
  journal={Clinical toxicology},
  volume={46 9},
INTRODUCTION Glyphosate-surfactant herbicide (GlySH) is widely used as a non-selective herbicide. Most intoxicated cases are from ingestion, inhalation, and skin exposure. Intramuscular injection of GlySH has never been reported. We present a case of GlySH intoxication via intramuscular injection. CASE REPORT A 42-year-old woman came to the emergency department complaining of painful swelling of left upper limb for 12 h. She had performed an intramuscular injection of 6 mL of GlySH over the… CONTINUE READING

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