Rhönite from Skåne (Scania), southern Sweden

  title={Rh{\"o}nite from Sk{\aa}ne (Scania), southern Sweden},
  author={Hans Olsson},
Abstract Rhonite has been found as a primary phase in six Mesozoic basanites from Scania. X-ray diffraction results are in accordance with the pseudomonoclinic cell parameters presented by K. Walenta in 1969 (Zur Kristallographie des Rhonits. Zeitschrift fur Kristallographie 130, 214–230). Chemical data for the Scanian rhonites are compared with other rhonites described in the literature. It is shown that in terrestrial rhonites the following substitutions occur, NaSiCaAI, Fe2+SiFe3+Al and FeMg… 
Rhönite paragenesis in pyroxenite xenoliths, Mount Sidley volcano, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica
Abstract Rhönite occurs in lower crustal pyroxenite xenoliths erupted in phonolite from the Mount Sidley composite volcano, Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica, as a localized breakdown product, with
Minerals of the rhönite-kuratite series in paralavas from a new combustion metamorphic complex in the Choir–Nyalga basin (Central Mongolia): composition, mineral assemblages and formation conditions
Abstract This is the first description of rare minerals found in paralavas from a recently discovered combustion metamorphic complex in the Choir–Nyalga basin, Central Mongolia. The identified
Rhönite in undersaturated alkaline gabbroic rocks, Central Alborz, North Iran: petrography and mineral chemistry
The Kamarbon alkaline gabbroic intrusion crops out in Central Alborz, north Iran, along the northern margin of the Alpine-Himalayan belt. The gabbroic intrusion includes theralites at margins which
Mesozoic mafic alkaline magmatism of southern Scandinavia
More than 100 volcanic necks in central Scania (southern Sweden) are the product of Jurassic continental rift-related mafic alkaline magmatism at the southwest margin of the Baltic Shield. They are
Fe2+-dominant rhönite in undersaturated alkaline basaltic rocks, Kaiserstuhl volcanic complex, Upper Rhine Graben, SW Germany
Fe-dominant rhonite with between 25 and 28 wt% FeO (as total iron) occurs as a late crystallizing phase in tephrite and limburgite from the Kaiserstuhl volcanic complex, Upper Rhine Graben, Germany.
Kuratite , Ca 4 ( Fe 2 þ 10 Ti 2 ) O 4 [ Si 8 Al 4 O 36 ] , the Fe 2 +-analogue of rhönite , a new mineral from the D ’ Orbigny angrite meteorite
Kuratite, ideally Ca4(Fe 2þ 10 Ti2)O4[Si8Al4O36], the Fe -analogue of rhönite and a new member of the sapphirine supergroup, was identified from the D’Orbigny angrite meteorite by electron microscopy
Makarochkinite, Ca2Fe42+Fe3+TiSi4BeAlO20, a new beryllosilicate member of the aenigmatite-sapphirine-surinamite group from the Ilʼmen Mountains (southern Urals), Russia
Abstract Makarochkinite, [VII](Ca1.64Na0.25Mn0.11)[VI](Fe2+3.56Fe3+1.46Ti0.61Mg0.25Mn0.02Nb0.038Ta0.007)[IV](Si4.48Be0.91Al0.54Fe0.07O18)O2 (end-member Ca2Fe42+Fe3+TiSi4BeAlO20) from
Kuratite, Ca4(Fe2+10Ti2)O4[Si8Al4O36], the Fe2+-analogue of rhönite, a new mineral from the D’Orbigny angrite meteorite
Abstract Kuratite, ideally Ca4(Fe2+10Ti2)O4[Si8Al4O36], the Fe2+-analogue of rhönite and a new member of the sapphirine supergroup, was identified from the D’Orbigny angrite meteorite by electron


Mineralogy and petrology of some Tertiary leucite-rh6nite basanites from central France
Summary The composition of the various phases present in the rh6nite-bearing leucite basanites of the southern part of the Sillon Houiller district have been determined with the electron microprobe.
K/Ar Age Determinations on Alkaline Olivine Basalts from Skåne, Southern Sweden
Abstract K/Ar dating of alkaline olivine basalts from Skane has produced Cretaceous ages between 79 million years (m. y.) and 131 m. y. These basalts were previously believed to be of Tertiary age.
Rhönit aus einem Melaphonolith vom Puy de Saint-Sandoux (Auvergne)
Mineralbestand, Chemismus und Erstarrungsbedingungen eines rhonitreichen melaphonolithischen Differentiates der Olivinnephelinitplatte des Puy de Saint-Sandoux (Auvergne) werden beschrieben. Von dem
Radiometric age-determination of basalts, dolerites and related syenite in Skåne, southern Sweden
Abstract Several intrusive and extrusive rock complexes in Skane in southern Sweden have been dated by Rb—Sr and K—Ar age-determination methods. The dated complexes comprise two sets of dolerite
The Allende meteorite: evidence for a new cosmothermometer based on Ti3+/Ti4+
Applications of the mineral thermodynamic condensation sequence to assemblages in Ca–Al–Ti-rich inclusions in the Allende meteorite suggest that the total amount of titanium and Ti3+ contents of
A contribution to the pseudoleucite problem
A study has been made of the differences produced in leucites by different methods of cooling charges, in the system NaAlSiO4-KAlSiO4-SiO2-H2O, consisting of leucite and silicate liquid. The results