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RewriteNet: Realistic Scene Text Image Generation via Editing Text in Real-world Image

  title={RewriteNet: Realistic Scene Text Image Generation via Editing Text in Real-world Image},
  author={Junyeop Lee and Yoonsik Kim and Seonghyeon Kim and Moonbin Yim and Seung Shin and Gayoung Lee and Sungrae Park},
Scene text editing (STE), which converts a text in a scene image into the desired text while preserving an original style, is a challenging task due to a complex intervention between text and style. To address this challenge, we propose a novel representational learning-based STE model, referred to as RewriteNet that employs textual information as well as visual information. We assume that the scene text image can be decomposed into content and style features where the former represents the… Expand

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