Reward dominance and passive avoidance learning in adolescent psychopaths.

  title={Reward dominance and passive avoidance learning in adolescent psychopaths.},
  author={A S Scerbo and Adrian Raine and Marion O'Brien and C J Chan and Changyong Rhee and N Smiley},
  journal={Journal of abnormal child psychology},
  volume={18 4},
This study tests predictions that adolescent psychopaths are hyperresponsive to rewards (Quay, 1988) and deficient in passive avoidance learning (Newman & Kosson, 1986). Forty male adolescent juvenile offenders were divided into psychopaths and nonpsychopaths using cluster analysis. Subjects were administered a passive avoidance learning task which required learning when to respond to cards associated with either reward or punishment. Results showed a greater responsivity to reward in… CONTINUE READING

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