Revueltas in San Antonio and Mobile

  title={Revueltas in San Antonio and Mobile},
  author={Robert C. Parker},
  journal={Latin American Music Review},
  pages={114 - 130}
  • R. Parker
  • Published 1 June 2002
  • Art
  • Latin American Music Review
A few letters to family and friends provide only a bare outline of his life and work during that period of U.S. residency. That his return to Mexico at the end of this somewhat obscure chapter of his career found him launched almost immediately into meteoric success as a violinist, teacher, conductor, and especially as a composer, calls out for illumination of the trajectory leading to that point. The fact that Revueltas counts as one of the premier composers of the Americas in the last century… 

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    See the catalog of compositions and discography in Contreras Soto
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        Guarnerius violin for a long time when he was in Chicago, and that it had been loaned to him by a wealthy American. But she added that the owner took it back when Revueltas returned to Mexico
        • This information was conveyed by Eugenia Revueltas to her cousin Olivia Revueltas,
        • 2001
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