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Revolutions , Universals , and Sexual Categories

  title={Revolutions , Universals , and Sexual Categories},
  author={Martha Vicinus and George Chauncey},
Sexual orientation
  • A. Rokach, Karishma Patel
  • Human Sexuality
  • 2021
Ancient homophobia: prejudices against homosexuality in classical Athens
The following paper discusses the problem of the alleged prejudices of the Athenian masses against homosexuality in the second half of the fifth century BC. It has been suggested that the
Revisiting the crossroads: can Oedipus take a gay turn in the 21st C?
Is our foundational story of sexual identity still relevant and valid for today, or is it wrong? Oedipus has been used in the past as a cautionary tale for the consequences of transgressive
Attitudes toward Homosexual Practices among the Karanga People : A Religious Perspective
Issues relating to homosexuality have ignited endless debates in the fields of religion, theology, politics and human sexuality. Throughout history, various moralists have condemned homosexuality as
The Greek Youthening: Assessing the Iconographic Changes within Courtship during the Late Archaic Period
During the late sixth century and early fifth century B.C., Athenian vase painters started experimenting with a new medium (i.e. red figure). Black figure was still the predominant medium by the
A matrix of interests: Freud, the sexologists, and the legacy of Greece
The use of classical scholarship in nineteenth century debates on sexuality forms the focus of this paper. It is argued that German Hellenism played a crucial role in providing Freud and German