Revolution, Evolution, or Devolution

  title={Revolution, Evolution, or Devolution},
  author={Douglas M. Peers},
Explaining durable diversity in international systems: : State, company, and empire in the indian ocean
International Relations theories generally hold that increased interaction between units in an international system produces convergence in their forms through military competition, institutional
The Rise of Asia’s Terrestrial Empires
Myths of military revolution: European expansion and Eurocentrism
This article critiques explanations of the rise of the West in the early modern period premised on the thesis that military competition drove the development of gunpowder technology, new tactics, and
Global IR Meets Global History: Sovereignty, Modernity, and the International System’s Expansion in the Indian Ocean Region
International relations (IR) scholars commonly accept the sovereign state’s ubiquity today as the endpoint of a centuries-long process of modernization, spearheaded by European imperialism. Through