Revitalising the rudimentary replacement dentition in the mouse.

  title={Revitalising the rudimentary replacement dentition in the mouse.},
  author={Elena Mădălina Popa and Marcela Buchtova and Abigail S Tucker},
  volume={146 3}
Most mammals have two sets of teeth (diphyodont) - a deciduous dentition replaced by a permanent dentition; however, the mouse possesses only one tooth generation (monophyodont). In diphyodonts, the replacement tooth forms on the lingual side of the first tooth from the successional dental lamina. This lamina expresses the stem/progenitor marker Sox2 and has activated Wnt/β-catenin signalling at its tip. Although the mouse does not replace its teeth, a transient rudimentary successional dental… CONTINUE READING