Revisiting the notion of induced traffic through a matched-pairs study

  title={Revisiting the notion of induced traffic through a matched-pairs study},
  author={Patricia L. Mokhtarian and Francisco J. Samaniego and Robert Shumway and Neil H. Willits},
In investigating the question of the existence of "induced demand" in connection with highway expansion projects, Hansen et al. (1993) studied eighteen California state highway segments whose capacities had been improved in the early 1970s. For the present study, these segments were paired with control segments that matched the improved segments to unimproved ones with regard to facility type, region, approximate size, and initial volumes and congestion levels. Taking annual data for average… 
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The results indicate that capacity enhancements in the previous years, given by lane additions, have a positive and significant effect on the VKT of the link, confirming the induced demand hypothesis.
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Although research on this topic goes back several decades, a surge of studies in the late 1990s and early 2000s, many focused on California, produced relatively consistent results using somewhat
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Improvements to transportation networks, especially those in growing areas, tend to have impacts on local land markets. In principle, an improvement to a link in the network will confer economic
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A number of recent studies have examined the hypothesis of induced travel in an attempt to quantify the phenomenon (Hansen & Huang 1997; Noland, forthcoming). No study has yet attempted to adjust for
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An average road improvement has induced an additional 10% of base traffic in the short term and 20% in the long term: individual schemes with induced traffic at double this level may not be very unusual, especially for peak periods.
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