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Revisiting the Set Cover Conjecture

  title={Revisiting the Set Cover Conjecture},
  author={Robert Krauthgamer and Ohad Trabelsi},
  • Robert Krauthgamer, Ohad Trabelsi
  • Published in ArXiv 2017
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • In the Set Cover problem, the input is a ground set of $n$ elements and a collection of $m$ sets, and the goal is to find the smallest sub-collection of sets whose union is the entire ground set. In spite of extensive effort, the fastest algorithm known for the general case runs in time $O(mn2^n)$ [Fomin et al., WG 2004]. In 2012, as progress seemed to halt, Cygan et al. [TALG 2016] have put forth the Set Cover Conjecture (SeCoCo), which asserts that for every fixed $\varepsilon>0$, no… CONTINUE READING