Revisiting the Interplay between Contractual and Relational Governance: A Qualitative and Meta-Analytic Investigation

  title={Revisiting the Interplay between Contractual and Relational Governance: A Qualitative and Meta-Analytic Investigation},
  author={Zhi Cao and Fabrice Lumineau},
  journal={ERN: Internal \& External Contracting \& Transaction Costs (Topic)},
  • Z. Cao, Fabrice Lumineau
  • Published 2014
  • Sociology
  • ERN: Internal & External Contracting & Transaction Costs (Topic)
Although extant literature has shown that formal contracts and relational governance play a key role in interorganizational relationships, the nature of their interplay still remains equivocal. To better understand the relationships between contractual and relational governance, we conducted a qualitative review and meta-analysis of the existing literature. Meta-analytic results from 33,051 interorganizational relationships across 149 empirical studies have indicated that contractual governance… Expand
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