Revisiting the Hawaiian Influence on the Political Thought of Sun Yat-sen

  title={Revisiting the Hawaiian Influence on the Political Thought of Sun Yat-sen},
  author={Lorenz Gonschor},
  journal={The Journal of Pacific History},
  pages={52 - 67}
ABSTRACT In the 19th century, the Hawaiian Kingdom was not merely the leading state of Oceania, but had important influences on East Asia as well. The article argues that Hawai‘i has a special place in the modern history of China because Sun Yat-sen, the future revolutionary and founding father of the Chinese Republic, was educated in the Hawaiian Kingdom, attending two denominational secondary schools in Honolulu in the late 1870s and early 1880s during Kalākaua’s reign. Sun began developing… Expand


Formosa's gift to the world: an Indigenous perspective', keynote speech, presented at 'Lalan, Chalan, Tala, Ara (Path): reconnecting Pacific-Asia Histories
  • Pacific History Association 21st Biennial Conference, Taipei and Taitung
The story of the founding of the Hsing Chung Hui
    like Japan was unmistakably part of East Asia, Hawai'i was clearly part of Polynesia and of the wider Austronesian world