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Revisiting the "Nazi occult" : histories, realities, legacies

  title={Revisiting the "Nazi occult" : histories, realities, legacies},
  author={Monica Black and Eric Kurlander},
Scholars have debated the role of the occult in Nazism since it first appeared on the German political landscape in the 1920s. After 1945, a consensus held that occultism -- an ostensibly anti-modern, irrational blend of pseudo-religious and -scientific practices and ideas -- had directly facilitated Nazism's rise. More recently, scholarly debate has denied the occult a role in shaping the Third Reich, emphasizing the Nazis' hostility to esoteric religion and alternative forms of knowledge… 
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The Idea of Volk and the Origins of Völkisch Research, 1800–1930s
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