Revisiting Zitterbewegung

  title={Revisiting Zitterbewegung},
  author={B. Sidharth},
  journal={International Journal of Theoretical Physics},
  • B. Sidharth
  • Published 2009
  • Physics
  • International Journal of Theoretical Physics
  • The Dirac wave equation for the electron soon lead to the recognition of the Zitterbewegung. This was studied both by Schrodinger and Dirac. Later there were further elegant and sometimes dissenting insights, from different authors. We briefly review some of these developments. However in more recent times with dark energy and noncommutative spacetime coming to centre stage, the earlier studies of Zitterbewegung become questionable. 
    Zitterbewegung and a formulation for quantum mechanics
    Zitterbewegung and the Charge of an Electron
    The Lorentz-Dirac equation in complex space-time
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    The relativistic effects of charged particle with complex structure in zeropoint field
    Relativity and the periodic table
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    An Interpretation of Relativistic Spin Entanglement Using Geometric Algebra
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    Gauge interaction as periodicity modulation
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