Revisiting Monarchy: Women and the Prospects for Power

  title={Revisiting Monarchy: Women and the Prospects for Power},
  author={Katherine B. Crawford},
  journal={Journal of Women's History},
  pages={160 - 171}
  • K. Crawford
  • Published 21 March 2012
  • History
  • Journal of Women's History



Images of Love and Religion: Queen Henrietta Maria and Court Entertainments

The Queen's fashions the tone of court drama the Queen's religion the Queen's masques religious ceremony and the masques love and religion.

The Cult of Elizabeth: Elizabethan Portraiture and Pageantry

No other woman in world history has been of such compulsive interest as Elizabeth Tudor. While the rest of the 16th century Europe was subject to the bloodshed of religious war, Tudor peace brought

The Other Sides of Paradise: Explorations into the Religious Meanings of Domestic Space in Islam

Contemporary houses are usually recognized as forms of shelter and property. However, recent research in religious studies and in anthropology has shown that houses in pre-modern cultures can embody


The lurid story of the fall of Anne Boleyn, her trial and condemnation on charges of multiple (and in one case incestuous) adultery has been used to support many different interpretations of the

Anne Boleyn's Religion

ABSTRACT It has become fashionable to characterize Henry VIII's second queen, Anne Boleyn, as evangelical in religion and as a patron of reformers. But this rests heavily on the later testimony of

Mary Tudor: A Life

Preface. Abbreviations. Glossary. Map of Estates granted to Mary in 1547. Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. The Token of Hope (1516--1525). 2. The a Princess of Walesa (1525--1533). 3. Disgrace and

Misers, Shrews, and Polygamists: Sexuality and Male-Female Relations in Eighteenth-Century Chinese Fiction

Having multiple wives was one of the mainstays of male privilege during the Ming and Qing dynasties of late imperial China. Based on a comprehensive reading of eighteenth-century Chinese novels and a