Revisiting Mandarin ‘apical vowels’: An articulatory and acoustic study

  title={Revisiting Mandarin ‘apical vowels’: An articulatory and acoustic study},
  author={Sang-Im Lee-Kim},
  journal={Journal of the International Phonetic Association},
  pages={261 - 282}
  • Sang-Im Lee-Kim
  • Published 25 November 2014
  • Physics
  • Journal of the International Phonetic Association
The present study investigates the articulatory and acoustic properties of the unique apical segments in Mandarin Chinese that occur after dental and retroflex sibilants instead of the high front vowel [i]. An ultrasound study showed that the segments are homorganic with the preceding dental and retroflex sibilants. However, an acoustic study showed that they have a periodic waveform and clear formant structures with no inherent frication noise, indicating that they are not ‘voiced fricatives… 
Perceptual distinctiveness between dental and palatal sibilants in different vowel contexts and its implications for phonological contrasts
Mandarin Chinese has dental, palatal, and retroflex sibilants, but their contrasts before [_i] are avoided: The palatals appear before [i] while the dentals and retroflexes appear before homorganic
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In this study, we analyze mid-sagittal and coronal ultrasound data from four subjects in order to investigate the articulatory properties of the apical vowel /z/ in Jixi-Hui Chinese (JHC). We seek to
The Phonology and Phonetics of Kaifeng Mandarin Vowels
  • Lei Wang
  • Linguistics, Physics
  • 2020
It is argued that the present study has gone some way towards enhancing the understanding of Mandarin segmental phonology in general and has introduced two new opening diphthongs /eɛ ɤʌ/ in the inventory, which have traditionally been described as monophthongs.
La « voyelle apicale » en chinois de Jixi : caractéristiques acoustiques et comportement phonologique
Apical vowel” of Jixi-Hui Chinese: acoustic characteristics and phonological behavior. This study investigates the phonetic and phonological properties of the “apical vowel” /z/, as attested in
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Although burst spectral measures and formant transitions do not consistently differentiate retroflexes from dentals in some vowel contexts, stop release duration, and total stop duration reliably differentiate Punjabi retroflex and dental stops across all word contexts and vocalic environments.
Effect of several acoustic cues on perceiving Mandarin retroflex affricates and fricatives in continuous speech.
This study reports two experiments that explore the acoustic cues relevant to the contrast between the Mandarin retroflex series /tʂ/, / tʂ(h)/ and /ʂ/ in continuous speech.
Articulatory variability and fricative noise in apical vowels
It is argued that other articulatory adjustments may also limit frication in apical vowels, but that these strategies are implemented variably such that some speakers occasionally exhibit fricative noise.
Sibilant Fricative Merging in Taiwan Mandarin: An Investigation of Tongue Postures using Ultrasound Imaging
Results showed that the [s–ʂ] merger varies across speakers and may also be conditioned by vowel contexts and that articulatory mergers may not be entirely reflected in CoG values, suggesting that auxiliary articulatory gestures may be employed to maintain the acoustic contrast.


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