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Revisiting Inclusive Decay Widths of Charmed Mesons

  title={Revisiting Inclusive Decay Widths of Charmed Mesons},
  author={Daniel King and Alexander Lenz and Maria Laura Piscopo and Thomas Rauh and Aleksey V. Rusov and Christos Vlahos},
Determining for the first time the Darwin operator contribution for the non-leptonic charm-quark decays and using new non-perturbative results for the matrix elements of ∆C = 0 four-quark operators, including eye-contractions, we present a comprehensive study of the lifetimes of charmed mesons and inclusive semileptonic decay rates as well as the ratios, within the framework of the Heavy Quark Expansion (HQE). We find good agreement with experiment for the ratio τ(D+)/τ(D0), for the total D+ s… Expand
Revisiting quark-hadron duality for heavy meson non-leptonic decays in two-dimensional QCD
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The $B_c$ lifetime in the Standard Model
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I give a theory motivation for future measurements in quark flavour physics, trying to identify observables, which are less familiar, but nevertheless interesting and promising.


D-meson lifetimes within the heavy quark expansion
Even if new data indicate that direct CP violation in D -meson decays is compatible with the standard model expectation, the first hints for direct CP violation have triggered a lot of interest, andExpand
Next-to-leading order radiative corrections to the decay b → ccs
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On the O ( α 2 s ) corrections to b → X u eν̄ inclusive decays
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Dimension-six matrix elements for meson mixing and lifetimes from sum rules
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We compute perturbative QCD corrections to the lifetime spl itting between the charged and neutralB meson in the framework of the heavy quark expansion. These ne xt-to-leading logarithmic correctionsExpand
Nonperturbative corrections to inclusive beauty and charm decays. QCD versus phenomenological models
Abstract We present a self-consistent method for treating nonperturbative effects in inclusive nonleptonic and semileptonic decays of heavy flavour hadrons. These effects give rise to powerlikeExpand