Revisiting Asiacentricity: Toward Thinking Dialectically about Asian American Identities and Negotiation

  title={Revisiting Asiacentricity: Toward Thinking Dialectically about Asian American Identities and Negotiation},
  author={Shinsuke Eguchi},
  journal={Howard Journal of Communications},
  pages={115 - 95}
  • Shinsuke Eguchi
  • Published 1 January 2013
  • Sociology
  • Howard Journal of Communications
This analysis explores the possible communicative themes that those who regard themselves as Asian Americans negotiate in their intercultural interactions. To do so, this analysis first locates the historical and political circumstances in which the discourse about Asian Americans has been socially constructed—that is to say, within the U.S. racialized and gendered context. Then, this analysis revisits Asiacentricity to see if any Asian communicative lives exist, as Asian American identities… 
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