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Revision of the gastropod family Cancellariidae from the Paleocene of Nuussuaq, West Greenland

  title={Revision of the gastropod family Cancellariidae from the Paleocene of Nuussuaq, West Greenland},
  author={Kai Ingemann Schnetler and Richard E. Petit},
The very rich mollusc fauna from the Paleocene deposits on the Nuussuaq peninsula (Greenland) contains 22 species of the gastropod family Cancellariidae. Seventeen new species are established, viz: Beuaphera nuussuaqensis n. gen et n. sp., Merica rosenkrantzi n. sp., Admetula kollmanni n. sp., Admetula eivindi n. sp., Admetula skoui n. sp., Admetula nuussuaqensis n. sp., Kroisbachia peeli n. sp., Bonellitia birgitteae n. sp., Sveltella loevstroemi n. sp., Sveltella tobiasseni n. sp., Brocchinia… 

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