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Revision of the fish genera Gymnelus Reinhardt and Gymnelopsis Soldatov (Zoarcidae), with two new species and comparative osteology of Gymnelus viridis

  title={Revision of the fish genera Gymnelus Reinhardt and Gymnelopsis Soldatov (Zoarcidae), with two new species and comparative osteology of Gymnelus viridis},
  author={M. Eric. Anderson},
Description of a new deep-sea eelpout Pachycara matallanasi sp. nov. from the Solomon Sea (western South Pacific Ocean)
A new species of zoarcid fish, Pachycara matallanasi, is described during the Danish Galathea 3 expedition, which is the second member of the genus in the western South Pacific Ocean.
Description of Ophthalmolycus andersoni sp. nov. (Pisces, Zoarcidae) from the Antarctic Ocean
A new species of zoarcid fish is described on the basis of three specimens collected from the Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Ocean. The new species can be distinguished from its congeners by its body
Distribution and abundance of eelpouts (Pisces, Zoarcidae) off West Greenland
The Arctic species north of the Greenland-Canada Ridge were caught at unusually high temperatures in 1998, probably due to an extraordinary strong inflow of warm West Greenland Current water.
Family-group names of Recent fishes.
This publication has compiled a list of family-group names for Recent fishes, applied the rules of the Code and, if possible, tried to conserve the names in prevailing recent practice.
First records of the rare eelpout Lycenchelys xanthoptera Anderson, 1991 (Teleostei, Zoarcidae) in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Examination of the zoarcids in this valuable new material revealed 6 specimens assignable to the genus Lycenchelys Gill, taken from stomach samples of toothfish and Antarctic starry skate caught on baited longlines and discussed the possible disjunct distribution pattern.
Reassessment of multiple species of Gymnelus (Teleostei: Zoarcidae) in Pacific Arctic and boreal regions.
Recently described new nominal species and resurrected species in the eelpout genus Gymnelus Reinhardt 1834 were reassessed for validity using fresh material collected in Pacific Arctic regions and a
Bothrocara nyx : a new species of eelpout (Perciformes: Zoarcidae) from the Bering Sea
A new species of eelpout, Bothrocara nyx , is described from the eastern Bering Sea slope on the basis of 142 specimens collected during bottom trawl surveys conducted from 2000 through 2004.  This
A new species of Gymnelus (Perciformes, Zoarcidae) from Greenland, similar to G. viridis
Zoarcid fishes of the genus Gymnelus Reinhardt inhabit the shelves of the North Pacific Ocean and the Arctic. A new species, G. pseudosquamatus sp. nov., is described from trawl samples taken at
Species composition and distribution of eelpouts (Zoarcidae, Perciformes, Actinopterygii) in the northwestern Sea of Okhotsk in summer
Abstract The northern part of the Sea of Okhotsk is currently a grey area in terms of the degree of knowledge on the taxonomy and distribution of some non-commercial fish families, especially
Diagnostic characters of two rare zoarcids, Krusensterniella multispinosa and K. pavlovskii (Pisces: Zoarcidae), with new data for the Sea of Okhotsk
Diagnostic characters and taxonomic descriptions of two rare zoarcid fishes, Krusensterniella multispinosa Soldatov, 1922 and K. pavlovskii Andriashev, 1955 (family Zoarcidae), have been updated