Revision of the Rhinophoridae (Diptera: Calyptratae) of Japan.


The Japanese species of the family Rhinophoridae are revised. Melanophora roralis (Linnaeus) is newly recorded from Japan and is hypothesized as having been introduced to the country; one species, Acompomintho itoshimensis sp. nov., is described as new. Images of the habitus, wing and male terminalia are provided for all four Japanese species, together with… (More)
DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4158.1.4


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@article{Kato2016RevisionOT, title={Revision of the Rhinophoridae (Diptera: Calyptratae) of Japan.}, author={Daichi Kato and Takuji Tachi}, journal={Zootaxa}, year={2016}, volume={4158 1}, pages={81-92} }