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Revision of the Phthia generic complex with a description of four new genera (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Coreidae: Coreinae: Leptoscelini)

  title={Revision of the Phthia generic complex with a description of four new genera (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Coreidae: Coreinae: Leptoscelini)},
  author={Harry Brailovsky},
The Neotropical genus Phthia Stal, 1862 in its current wide concept is revised and divided into fi ve genera: Phthia s. str., Phthiacnemia gen. nov., Phthiadema gen. nov., Phthiarella gen. nov., and Rhytidophthia gen. nov. The following nine new combinations (all from Phthia) are proposed: Phthiacnemia picta (Drury, 1770), comb. nov.; Phthiadema cyanea (Signoret, 1862), comb. nov., Ph. ornata (Stal, 1865), comb. nov., and Ph. smaragdina (Walker, 1871), comb. nov.; Phthiarella affi nis (Distant… 

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