Revision of the Oriental Genera of Plastotephritinae (Diptera: Platystomatidae)

  title={Revision of the Oriental Genera of Plastotephritinae (Diptera: Platystomatidae)},
  author={A. Whittington},
Frey (1930) described Rhegmatosaga insignis and later (1932) included Rhegmatosaga in his key to the African genera of the Plastotephritinae. R. insignis was correctly synonymised with Noeeta latiuscula (Walker, 1856) by Hardy (1959). The genus was again mentioned by Steyskal in the Catalog of the Diptera of the Oriental Region (Steyskal in Delfinado & Hardy 1977), listing the single nominate species R. latiuscula. Here, Steyskal also listed an unnamed species from South Vietnam and Thailand… Expand


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