Revision of the Oriental Genera of Plastotephritinae (Diptera: Platystomatidae)

  title={Revision of the Oriental Genera of Plastotephritinae (Diptera: Platystomatidae)},
  author={Andrew Whittington},
Frey (1930) described Rhegmatosaga insignis and later (1932) included Rhegmatosaga in his key to the African genera of the Plastotephritinae. R. insignis was correctly synonymised with Noeeta latiuscula (Walker, 1856) by Hardy (1959). The genus was again mentioned by Steyskal in the Catalog of the Diptera of the Oriental Region (Steyskal in Delfinado & Hardy 1977), listing the single nominate species R. latiuscula. Here, Steyskal also listed an unnamed species from South Vietnam and Thailand… 

Diptera of Thailand - A summary of the families and genera with references to the species representations

Results of the Diptera identifications in the materials collected by the workers of the Hungarian Natural History Museum (HNHM) in Thailand in 2003 and 2004 are reported (supplemented by a collection

Extreme head morphology in Plastotephritinae (Diptera, Platystomatidae), with a proposition of classification of head structures in acalyptrate Diptera.

Examination of the variety of head modifications found in the Plastotephritinae (Diptera, Platystomatidae) suggests that similar agonistic, territorial behaviour and sexual selection is likely in PlastOTephritinee.



Annotated keys to the genera of Tachinidae (Diptera) found in tropical and southern Africa

A set of keys provides a means of identification for the 188 genera of Tachinidae that have up to now (1983) been recognised in the fauna of tropical and southern Africa, ie. within the Afrotropical

Review of the species of Achias (Diptera : Platystomatidae)

A method of estimating the approximate number of undiscovered species is presented, and indicates that the register of Achias species is very incomplete, and certain taxonomic characters are discussed related to taxonomic placement of the genus, informal infrageneric groupings of species, and species delimitation.

Notes on the Ethiopian Fruit-flies of the Family Trypaneidae, other than Dacus. -iii.

This genus was recently described by Dr. Speiser and is a very characteristic one, on account of its elongate and slender body and bare 3rd longitudinal vein, which is evidently allied to Ocneros, but has nothing to do with Rioxa.

Homology and phylogenetic implications of male genitalia in Diptera - Eremoneura

The above characters support the monophyly of the Eremoneura and also indicate that the Empidoidea and Cyclorrhapha are sister groups, as opposed to alternative hypotheses that suggest the EmPidoideA is paraphyletic with respect to the Cyclor rhapha.

Phillippinische Dipteren . VII . Fam . Platys - tomidae

  • — Notulae Entomologicae
  • 1930

Diptera Fam . Muscaridae Subfam . Platystominae . – Genera Insectorum 157 : 1179 . [ precedence over Hendel , 1914 b according to date : see

    Die Platystominentribus Plastotephri - tini

    • – Stettiner Entomologische Zeitung
    • 1922