Revision of the Ambrysus hybridus Montandon species complex (Heteroptera: Naucoridae: Cryphocricinae) with the description of a new species from Mexico.

  title={Revision of the Ambrysus hybridus Montandon species complex (Heteroptera: Naucoridae: Cryphocricinae) with the description of a new species from Mexico.},
  author={Daniel Reynoso-Velasco and Robert W Sites},
  volume={4169 1},
The Ambrysus hybridus Montandon species complex is revised and includes A. convexus Usinger, A. fuscus Usinger stat. rev., A. hybridus Montandon, A. lattini La Rivers, A. plautus Polhemus & Polhemus, A. spiculus Polhemus & Polhemus, A. thermarum La Rivers, and A. ultimus La Rivers. Ambrysus lariversi n. sp. is the ninth species in this complex and is described from Mexico. A. tridentatus La Rivers and A. woodburyi Usinger are proposed as junior synonyms of A. hybridus Montandon and for which a… 

The Identity of Ambrysus sonorensis Usinger, 1946 (Naucoridae: Ambrysinae): A Mystery No Longer

This study provides the description of the hitherto unknown female of A. sonorensis, including the morphological features to properly establish its identity, and important features of the male not reported in the original description, some of which validate the inclusion of the species in the A. signoreti Stål complex.

Molecular phylogeny and revised classification of the New World subfamily Cryphocricinae, including the reinstatement of Ambrysinae (Insecta: Heteroptera: Nepomorpha: Naucoridae)

This work sequenced two nuclear and two mitochondrial genes in order to reconstruct phylogenetic relationships among the genera in the subfamily Cryphocricinae, using maximum likelihood and Bayesian inference approaches, and proposes a new classification for the genus Ambrysus Stål with three evolutionarily independent lineages.

Hygropetrocoris guyana Sites, 2015, in French Guiana: descriptions of the female and nymphal instars (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Naucoridae)

– Recently, an atypical saucer bug, Hygropetrocoris guyana Sites, 2015, was described based on two males from a wet rock in Guyana. Herein, we describe the female and third through fifth instars, and

Taxonomic overview of the family Naucoridae (Heteroptera: Nepomorpha) in Mexico

Se resume el conocimiento taxonómico de la fauna Mexicana de la familia Naucoridae, el cual es bastante completo debido a estudios recientes. Actualmente se encuentran registradas para el país 71



Revision of the Ambrysus guttatipennis Stål species complex (Heteroptera: Naucoridae: Cryphocricinae) with the descriptions of six new species from Mexico.

The Ambrysus guttatipennis Stål species complex is revised and includes A. arizonus and A. mormon, which have the widest distribution of any species in this complex and are related to male genitalia and structures associated with female genitalia.

The Ambrysus Stål (Heteroptera: Naucoridae: Cryphocricinae) of Mexico: Revision of the subgenus Syncollus La Rivers.

The subgenus Ambrysus (Syncollus) La Rivers is mostly Neotropical and includes nine described species, which are distributed in Central and South America and includes three new species from Mexico.

A new species of Cletocamptus Schmankewitsch, 1875 (Crustacea, Copepoda, Harpacticoida) from a high altitude saline lake in Central Mexico

The occurrence of the new species in a high-altitude saline lake, the isolation of the type locality, and its absence from adjacent freshwater lakes suggest that this species is endemic to this site.

Notes on aquatic and semiaquatic Hemiptera from the southwestern United States (Insecta: Hemiptera)

These notes concern the synonymy and distribution of aquatic and semiaquatic Hemiptera collected mostly by myself during numerous trips to the southwestern states, including southwestern Colorado and parts of Texas.

Morphology, Ontogeny, and Adaptation of Ambrysus mormon (Hemiptera: Naucoridae): Quantitative Comparisons among Populations in Different Thermal Environments

It is suggested that autadaptation rather than exadaptation has played a predominant role in the morphological evolution of A. mormon, and allometric relations consistently accounted for a significant and large portion of interindividual variation.

Notes and descriptions of Ambrysus Stal with an account of the life history of Ambrysus mormon Montd . ( Hemiptera , Naucoridae )

  • The University of Kansas Science Bulletin
  • 1946

Studies of Naucoridae (Hemiptera)