Revision of Fauveliopsidae Hartman, 1971 (Annelida, Sedentaria).

  title={Revision of Fauveliopsidae Hartman, 1971 (Annelida, Sedentaria).},
  author={S. Salazar‐Vallejo and A. Zhadan and A. E. Rizzo},
  volume={4637 1},
Abyssal polychaetes are usually difficult to be identified because they are small, their body patterns differ from their shallow water relatives, their delicate bodies are often damaged during sampling and sieving, and their taxonomy is in need of revision. Members of the family Fauveliopsidae Hartman, 1971 are widespread in deep ocean basins and they follow the above statements. In this contribution, we present a revision of all available type and non-type material for the family. Our… Expand
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