Revision of Eucorydia Hebard, 1929 from China, with notes on the genus and species worldwide (Blattodea, Corydioidea, Corydiidae)

  title={Revision of Eucorydia Hebard, 1929 from China, with notes on the genus and species worldwide (Blattodea, Corydioidea, Corydiidae)},
  author={Lu Qiu and Yanli Che and Zongqing Wang},
  pages={17 - 56}
Abstract The cockroach genus Eucorydia from China is revised. Five new species are described and illustrated: Eucorydia linglong sp. n., Eucorydia pilosa sp. n., Eucorydia splendida sp. n., Eucorydia guilinensis sp. n., and Eucorydia tangi sp. n.. Corydia purpuralis Kirby, 1903 and Eucorydia paucipilosa Woo, Guo & Feng, 1986 are confirmed to be junior synonyms of Eucorydia dasytoides (Walker, 1868). Eucorydia hilaris (Kirby, 1903) is newly recorded from China. This genus and currently known… 
Two New Species of the Genus Eucorydia (Blattodea: Corydiidae) from the Nansei Islands in Southwest Japan
The analysis revealed that the three Japanese species were distinguished from each other by combinations of the sizes of L3 and L7 sclerites and the shape of R2 sclerite, with some overlapping exceptions.
Notes on some corydiid species from China, with the description of a new genus (Blattodea: Corydioidea: Corydiidae)
The genus Tivia Walker and the species Eucorydia westwoodi (Gerstaecker) are newly recorded from China and a comparison between the new genus and the morphologically similar genus Eupolyphaga Chopard is given.
Contributions to some Corydiinae genera (Blattodea: Corydioidea: Corydiidae) from China
A key to Chinese Corydiinae genera is provided as well as checklists for extant Polyphaga and Ergaula and the occurrence of two species ofPolyphaga Brullé, P. plancyi Bolívar and P. obscura Chopard, in China are confirmed.
A New Species of the Genus Eucorydia (Blattodea: Corydiidae) from the Miyako-jima Island in Southwest Japan
A large number of the insects studied in this study were new records of the type that had not been seen in the wild before and the number of new records recorded in the past was very small.


A taxonomic study of the beetle cockroaches (Diploptera Saussure) from China, with notes on the genus and species worldwide (Blattodea: Blaberidae: Diplopterinae).
Four taxa of beetle cockroaches from South China are described and illustrated, viz., two new species D. elliptica sp.
Studies on Malayan Blattidae
An attempt has been made to continue the work along the principles put forward by Hebard in unravelling synonymy and distinguishing generic units and subfamilies of Malayan Blattidae.
A Synonymic Catalogue of Orthoptera
Questions of nomenclature and classification are of necessity controversial; many may disagree with the author's arrangement of the genus Labidura, in which a number of insufficiently described so-called species are regarded as valid, only on account of the difficulty of proving their identity with the excessively variable and universally distributed labidura riparia, Pallas.
Systematics and phylogeny of cockroaches (Dictyoptera: Blattaria)
The systematics and phylogeny of the Blattaria are reviewed and previously unreported, Cahita gradlis Rocha is a junior synonym of Symploce pollens (Stephens).
Relationships among coleopteran suborders and major endoneopteran lineages: Evidence from hind wing characters
A phylogenetic analysis of the four coleopteran suborders, four other endoneopteran taxa and three neopteran outgroups is performed, and the special role and influence of the hind wing anojugal lobe on the diversification of Neoptera and Endoneoptera is discussed.
Reproductive biology and postembryonic development of a polyphagid cockroach Eucorydia yasumatsui Asahina (Blattodea: Polyphagidae)
Reproductive biology, including mating behavior, ootheca deposition, ootheca rotation, and postembryonic development, were examined and described in a Japanese polyphagid, Eucorydia yasumatsui
Studies in Malayan Blattidae ( Orthoptera )
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On a collection of Blattidae from southern Annam
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