Revision of Chauvinelia, redescriptions of Flabelliseta incrusta, and Helmetophorus rankini, and their recognition as acrocirrids (Polychaeta: Acrocirridae)

  title={Revision of Chauvinelia, redescriptions of Flabelliseta incrusta, and Helmetophorus rankini, and their recognition as acrocirrids (Polychaeta: Acrocirridae)},
  author={Sergio I. Salazar-Vallejo and Patrick Gillet and Luis F. Carrera-Parra},
  journal={Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom},
  pages={465 - 477}
Chauvinelia contains two abyssal species, C. biscayensis, and C. arctica. Because of the lack of some relevant details in the original descriptions, they are redescribed, the generic diagnosis is emended, and a key to separate them is included. Flabelliseta incrusta and Helmetophorus rankini, the type and only species for these genera are redescribed; they lack annulated or multi-articulated capillaries, their chaetae have a detachable cortex carrying successive rows of tiny spines, and they… 
Phylogenetic affinities of the Flabelligeridae (Annelida, Polychaeta)
The results indicate that Acrocirridae, Ctenodrilidae, Fauveliopsidae, Flabelligeridae and Flotidae are monophyletic and that Sternaspidae falls within Cirratulidae; however, the latter conclusion might be reversed through increased taxon-sampling.
A new species of Acrocirrus (Polychaeta: Acrocirridae) from Coconut Island, Oahu, Hawaii
A new species of Acrocirrus is described from shallow waters of Coconut Island in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii, which is most similar to A. frontifilis but differs most notably by the absence of the notopodial cirri on the posterior chaetigers.
Multiple origins of pelagicism within Flabelligeridae (Annelida).
Phylogenetics of Acrocirridae and Flabelligeridae (Cirratuliformia, Annelida)
Phylogenetics of Acrocirridae and Flabelligeridae (Cirratuliformia, Annelida) is summarized in Osborn, K. J. & Rouse, G. W. (2010).
Still Digging: Advances and Perspectives in the Study of the Diversity of Several Sedentarian Annelid Families
The current knowledge about the families Acrocirridae, Cirratulidae, Cossuridae, Longosomatidae, Paraonidae, and Sternaspidae is reviewed in terms of biodiversity as well as the evolution of the taxonomy and systematics of each group.
Deep-sea fauna of European seas: An annotated species check-list of benthic invertebrates living deeper than 2000 m in the seas bordering Europe Polychaeta
An annotated check-list is given of Polychaeta species occurring deeper than 2000 m in the seas bordering Europe and includes 175 species, based on published data.
Review of Poeobius meseres Heath, 1930 (Polychaeta: Flabelligeridae)
La position taxinomique du polychete holopelagique Poeobius meseres Heath, 1930, initialement le representant d'une famille and d'un ordre independants, est devenu un membre des Flabelligeridae a la suite d'etudes moleculaires.
Russian Drifting Stations on Arctic Ice Islands
A summary of Russian discoveries of Arctic ice islands – peculiar tabular icebergs – is presented, complete with a chronological account of drifting stations installed on ice islands. Of 40 ‘North


Flabelligena gascognensis sp. nov. (Polychaeta: Acrocirridae), a new species from the Capbreton Canyon (Bay of Biscay, NE Atlantic)
Flabelligena gascognensis (Annelida: Polychaeta), a new species of the family Acrocirridae Banse, 1969 is described from the northeastern Atlantic and a light emendation of the diagnosis of the genus is proposed with the aim of including the new species and two other species into the genus Flab intelligena.
Polychaeta from southeastern Australia. 1. Acrocirridae Banse, 1969, from Victoria and New South Wales
The Acrocirridae was established by Banse (1969) and it contains two genera, Acroirrus Grube, 1872, and Macrocha, which were previously included in the Cirratulidae.
Redescription Of Helmetophorus rankini Hartman, 1978 (Polychaeta, Helmetophoridae) And Its Transfer To The Flabelligeridae
The only representative of the Helmetophoridae, Helmetophorus rankini Hartman, 1978, is redescribed and transferred to the Flabelligeridae, which has a papillated body surface, a buccal region with branchiae and grooved palps that is covered (partially) by a cephalic hood, weakly developed parapodia, and cross-barred capillaries.
Abyssal Polychaetous Annelids from the Mozambique Basin off Southeast Africa, with a Compendium of Abyssal Polychaetous Annelids from World-Wide Areas
Twenty-six abyssal polychaetes are named from the Mozambique basin off southeast Africa. Three species and two genera are new: Progoniada simplex, Berkeleyia profunda, Bruunilla natalensis, and
Acrocirridae n.fam. (Polychaeta Sedentaria)
Acrocirrus Grube and Macrochaeta Grube (Polychaeta Sedentaria) are removed from the Cirratulidae and placed in a new family, and the type species of the genera and of five other species are materially improved.
Flabelligena amoureuxi new genus, new species (Polychaeta : Acrocirridae) from Crozet Islands (Indian Ocean)
A new species of Annelida: Polychaeta, Flabelligena amoureuxi, family Acrocirridae Banse is described from the Crozet Islands (Indian Ocean). Specimens were collected during the Oceanographic
Polychaete chaetae: Function, fossils, and phylogeny.
The phylogenetic distribution of major Chaetal types within the Polychaeta is reviewed, what has been demonstrated about chaetal function in modern worms is discussed, and suggestions about how chaetae could be used to provide a stronger phylogenetic signal are made.
Sedentary polychaetes from the Gulf of California, Mexico
Summary A total of twenty-four species of sedentary polychaetes are reported from the Gulf of California, Mexico. Most of the records are from Puerto Penasco, Sonora, in the northern Sea of Cortez.
Redescription of Helmetophorus rankini
  • Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington,
  • 1991
Chauvinelia arctica, sp. n. (Acrocirridae, Polychaeta) iz Kanadskoi vpadiny. [Chauvinelia arctica, sp. n. (Acrocirridae, Polychaeta) from the Canadian Basin
  • Novoe v Sistematike Morskik Bespozvonochnykh. Zoologicheskyi Instituta, Akademiya Nauk SSSR [New Developments in the Taxonomy of Marine
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