Revision der amerikanischen Dipteren‐Familie der Rhopalomeridae

  title={Revision der amerikanischen Dipteren‐Familie der Rhopalomeridae},
  author={Erwin Lindner},
  journal={Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift},
  • E. Lindner
  • Biology
  • Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift

Primeiro registro de Kroeberia fuliginosa Lindner, 1930 (Diptera:Ropalomeridae) para o Estado do Pará, Brasil

Kroeberia fuliginosa Lindner, 1930, was collected in the Para state, Brazil, for the first time, extending the geographical distribution of this species.

The new genus Acrocephalomyia , and a new species of Ropalomera from Costa Rica, with additional records for other Mesoamerican species (Diptera: Ropalomeridae)

The new genus and species Acrocephalomyia zumbadoi and Ropalomera aterrima can be recognized from congeners by remarkable differences of the head, the shape of the scutellum, and by the black coloration of the body.

Revisão do gênero Willistoniella Mik, 1895 (Diptera, Ropalomeridae) da Região Neotropical

The genus Willistoniella and the type-species W. pleuropunctata (Wiedemann, 1824), and three new species, W. latiforceps sp.

Revisión de la familia Ropalomeridae (Diptera) en México.

A taxonomic revision of the family Ropalomeridae is presented, based on the analysis of specimens from 14 States of Mexico, and new data on the distribution of Willistoniella pleuropunctata (Wiedemann), Kroeberia fuliginosa Lindner, and Mexicoa mexicana Steyskal is provided.



Spektrum des Blutfarbstoffes; Kohlenoxydvergiftung; Leuchtgasvergiftung, Gelegenheit, Symptome

Es werden also die Blutzellen durch verschiedene Stoffe zerstort, erstens durch zu schwach konzentrierte Losungen, die weniger Salze enthalten als das Innere der Blutzellen, dann durch Substanzen,