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Revision del genero Mallophora Macquart por sistematica alfa y taxonomia numerica (Diptera - Asilidae)

  title={Revision del genero Mallophora Macquart por sistematica alfa y taxonomia numerica (Diptera - Asilidae)},
  author={J. Artigas and Andr{\'e}s O Argulo},
Checklist das moscas Asilidae (Diptera) no Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil
In Mato Grosso do Sul state, Brazil, there are 32 species of robber-fl ies that integrate 17 genera (7% of all described Asilidae species in Brazil). Expand
The Pupal Case of Mallophora atra Macquart (Diptera: Asilidae) from South America
The pupal case of Mallophora atra Macquart from South America is described, illustrated, and compared with the South American species M. sylveirii Macquart, and the North Americanspecies M. orcina. Expand
The Brazilian entomologist Messias Carrera (1907-1994): Biobibliographical profile
O entomologo brasileiro Messias Carrera (1907‑1994): Perfil Biobibliografico. O presente artigo tem como foco a trajetoria de vida e a producao bibliografica do entomologo e divulgador da cienciaExpand
The man who loved flies: a biographical profile of Nelson Papavero .
A biography of Nelson Papavero is presented, along with several personal anecdotes, and his role in the development of Brazilian biological systematics over the last 50 years is presented. Expand
Etude sur l’édéage de mâles appartenant au genre Promachus Loew 1848 (Diptera: Asilidae). 2. Des régions néarctique, néotropicale, orientale et paléarctique
Sept nouvelles especes du genre Promachus Loew 1848 sont decrites : P. daoensis et P. hochimihensis  du Viet-Nam, P. procerus de Thailande, P. nedungaduensis du Sud de l’Inde, P. papouensis deExpand
Novas ocorrências de Mallophora Macquart, 1834 (Diptera, Asilidae) no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil: chave de identificação e distribuição
Mallophora Macquart (Diptera, Asilidae) is represented by 59 described species, 39 of them are recorded from Brazil. This work aims to increase the knowledge of this fauna in southern Brazil throughExpand
Morphological analyses of some Palaearctic Stenopogon Loew, 1847 (Diptera: Asilidae: Stenopogoninae) based on the spermatheca structure
Taxa of evaluated Stenopogon were found to be separated into 2 primary groups, A and B, based on the number of spirals and the diameter of the reservoir, and species of both group A and group B were foundto be monophyletic. Expand
Two new distributional records for Cydia largo Heppner, in Azapa and Chaca valleys, northern Chile, are reported. Some observations about of the biology of C. largo are presented.
Illustrated key for the genera of the Argentinian asilids (Diptera: Asilidae)
A key for the asilid genera of Argentina is presented and a catalogue of species, with indications for type, type deposit, and geographical distribution is incluided. Expand
Descriptions of Pupae of South American Robber Flies (Diptera: Asilidae)
The pupae of four South American species of robber flies, Diogmites vulgaris Carrera, Mallophora ruficauda (Wiedemann), Mallophora sylverii Macquart, and Triorla striola (F.), are described andExpand