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Revision To The Diagnostic Characters Of Trachypenaeopsis Minicoyensis Thomas,1972

  title={Revision To The Diagnostic Characters Of Trachypenaeopsis Minicoyensis Thomas,1972},
  author={Angsuman Chanda},
  journal={International Journal of Scientific \& Technology Research},
  • A. Chanda
  • Published 25 August 2014
  • Environmental Science
  • International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research
T. minicoyensis was described by Thomas from Laccadive sea. Record of the species is very rare as it is a reef inhabiting species. Present study is mainly based on the type material preserved in the National collection of Zoological Survey of India Kolkata and CMFRI-substation at Mandapam, Tamil Nadu .During the study some important diagnostic characters have been added for better diagnosis of the species. Here, characters of carapace, antennules and thelycum is added to the diagnosis of the… 

Systematics and Extended Distribution ofMetapenaeus elegans De Man, 1907 inCoastal Water of India

It is revealed that the prawn Metapenaeus elegans is an established species and its distribution range is extended up to coastal water of Indian main land.

A taxonomic research on the first record of the genus Miyadiella Kubo, 1949 by Kunju from Indian water.

The materials preserved in Central Marine Fishery Research Institute (CMFRI), Cochin, Tamil Nadu, India, and arrived into conclusion that the specimen will be Miyadiella podopthalmus, and it is strongly stated that long eyestalk is the typical character for the genus Miydiella.



Trachypenaeopsis minicoyensis sp. Nov. (Penaeidae,Decapoda) from the Laccadive sea

The genus Trachypenaeopsis Burkenroad is reported for the lirst time from the Indian Region and a new species T. minicoyensis collected from Minicoy Island, Laccadive Archipelago, is described in

Larval and postlarval stages of Atypopenaeus Alcock (Decapoda, Penaeidae: Penaeinae) from Indian Ocean

Two of the early mysis stages and an early postlarva of a species of Atypopenaeus are described here for the first time. A total of 15 specimens were obtained from the Indian Ocean during the

A New Species of Metapenaeus From the Bay of Bengal (Decapoda, Penaeidea)

Eine neue Art der Gattung Metapenaeus, M. bengalensis, aus dem Golf von Bengalen wird beschrieben. Die Unterschiede zu der nachst verwandten Art, M. papuensis sind hervorgehoben.

Catalogue of the Indian Decapod Crustacea in the Collection of the Indian Museum

The tribe of this tribe is of special interest on account of the very primitive character of some of its members, which enable the origin of the Brachyura to be traced back, as Bouvier showed, to the lobsterlike Nephropsidea.


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