Revising Johnson's table for the 21st century

  title={Revising Johnson's table for the 21st century},
  author={Celina M. Herrera de Figueiredo and Alexsander Andrade de Melo and Diana Sasaki and Ana Silva},

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Parameterized Algorithms for Steiner Tree and Dominating Set: Bounding the Leafage by the Vertex Leafage

. Chordal graphs are intersection graphs of subtrees of a tree, while interval graphs are intersection graphs of subpaths of a path. Undirected path graphs are an intermediate class of graphs, defined

MaxCut on Permutation Graphs is NP-complete

In this paper, we prove that the MaxCut problem is NP-complete on permutation graphs, settling a long-standing open problem that appeared in the 1985 column of the Ongoing Guide to NP-completeness by

Coloring temporal graphs

Maximum cut on interval graphs of interval count five is NP-complete

This paper presents the first NP-completeness proof for MaxCut when restricted to interval graphs with bounded interval count, namely graphs with interval count 5.



Some Simplified NP-Complete Graph Problems

Parameterized complexity of finding subgraphs with hereditary properties

Parameterized Complexity of the Clique Partition Problem

This paper shows that this problem of deciding whether the edge-set of a given graph can be partitioned into at most k cliques is fixed parameter tractable if the authors choose the number of cliques as parameter, and shows that in polynomial time, a kernel bounded by k2 can be obtained.

Steiner problem in Halin networks

  • P. Winter
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Discret. Appl. Math.
  • 1987

Complexity of finding embeddings in a k -tree

This work determines the complexity status of two problems related to finding the smallest number k such that a given graph is a partial k-tree and presents an algorithm with polynomially bounded (but exponential in k) worst case time complexity.

Subexponential Parameterized Algorithm for Interval Completion

The first subexponential parameterized algorithm solving Interval Completion in time kO(√k)nO(1) is given, adding IntervalCompletion to a very small list of parameterized graph modification problems solvable in subexp exponential time.

Linear Time Solvable Optimization Problems on Graphs of Bounded Clique-Width

It is proved that this is also the case for graphs of clique-width at most k, where this complexity measure is associated with hierarchical decompositions of another type, and where logical formulas are no longer allowed to use edge set quantifications.

Parameterized Complexity of Independent Set in H-Free Graphs

This paper investigates the complexity of Maximum Independent Set in the class of H -free graphs, that is, graphs excluding a fixed graph as an induced subgraph and provides a framework for solving several other cases, which is a generalization of the concept of iterative expansion accompanied by the extraction of a particular structure using Ramsey’s theorem.

Enumerate and Expand: Improved Algorithms for Connected Vertex Cover and Tree Cover

A new method of solving graph problems related to Vertex Cover by enumerating and expanding appropriate sets of nodes and faster algorithms for solving subclasses of the Steiner tree problem on graphs are investigated.

Parameterized Complexity of Directed Steiner Tree on Sparse Graphs

The undirected Steiner Tree problem becomes FPT when restricted to sparse classes of graphs such as planar graph, but the techniques used to show this result break down on directed planar graphs.