Revising Hull and Box Consistency

  title={Revising Hull and Box Consistency},
  author={Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Benhamou and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Goualard and Laurent Granvilliers and Jean-François Puget},
Most interval-based solvers in the constraint logic programming framework are based on either hull consistency or box consistency (or a variation of these ones) to narrow domains of variables involved in continuous constraint systems. This paper first presents HC4, an algorithm to enforce hull consistency without decomposing complex constraints into primitives. Next, an extended definition for box consistency is given and the resulting consistency is shown to subsume hull consistency. Finally… Expand
Towards Cooperative Interval Narrowing
A new algorithm BC5 enforcing hull consistency, box consistency and the interval Gauss-Seidel method is presented, which is finally compared with the constraint solving algorithm of Numerica. Expand
A Box-Consistency Contractor Based on Extremal Functions
An improved BoxNarrow procedure for narrowing the domain of x when f respects certain conditions, which are fulfilled when f is polynomial. Expand
Box-set consistency for interval-based constraint problems
A lazy algorithm that combines hull consistency filtering, interval union projection, and intelligent domain splitting is devised that can be applied to any numerical CSP, and achieves box-set consistency if constraints are redundancy-free in terms of variables. Expand
Exploiting Monotonicity in Interval Constraint Propagation
A new interval constraint propagation algorithm, called MOnotonic Hull Consistency (Mohc), that exploits monotonicity of functions to become an alternative to the state-of-the-art HC4 and Box algorithms. Expand
Combination of Boxes and Polyhedra Abstractions for Constraint Solving
This paper investigates the use of abstract domains from Abstract Interpretation (AI) in the field of Constraint Programming by adapting to CP a popular domain construction used to combine the power of several analyses in AI: the reduced product. Expand
Directional Consistency for Continuous Numerical Constraints
It is shown here that Benhamou et al. have introduced an algorithm that avoids formally decomposing constraints and implements a strategy to enforce on a continuous constraint a consistency akin to Directional Bounds Consistency as introduced by Dechter and Pearl for discrete problems. Expand
An interval component for continuous constraints
Local consistency techniques for numerical constraints over interval domains combine interval arithmetic, constraint inversion and bisection to reduce variable domains. In this paper, we study theExpand
Filtering Numerical CSPs Using Well-Constrained Subsystems
This paper investigates the possibility of defining contracting well-constrained subsystems of size k (1 ≤ k ≤ n) and theoretically defines the Box-k-consistency as a generalization of the state-of-the-art Box-consistsency. Expand
A New Interval Contractor Based on Optimality Conditions for Bound Constrained Global Optimization
  • L. Granvilliers
  • Computer Science
  • 2018 IEEE 30th International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI)
  • 2018
This work introduces an interval contractor specifically designed to handle the boundary of the initial box where a minimizer may not be a stationary point, and exploits the optimality conditions and subsumes the classical monotonicity test based on interval arithmetic. Expand
Solving Continuous Constraint Systems
This paper provides an overview of the constraint techniques for solving non-linear systems of equations over the real numbers. It introduces the main concepts behind the different pruning techniquesExpand


Interval Constraint Logic Programming
  • F. Benhamou
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Constraint Programming
  • 1994
An overview on the use of interval arithmetic to process numerical constraints in Constraint Logic Programming, and the description of the general framework based on approximations, on its application to interval constraint solving over continuous and discrete quantities is presented. Expand
CLP(Intervals) Revisited
Experimental results indicate that Newton outperforms existing languages by an order of magnitude and is competitive with some state-of-the-art tools on some standard benchmarks. Expand
An Extension of the WAM for Hybrid Interval Solvers
The extension of the WAM instruction set necessary to support the new features of DecLIC is described, along with the new internal structures, and benchmark comparisons show that combination permits, on certain cases, relevant speed-ups in the resolution process. Expand
Numerica: A Modeling Language for Global Optimization
The meaning and implementation of Numerica: overview of the algorithm domain-specific and monotonic interval extensions constraint solving unconstrained optimization constrained optimization advanced techniques an implementation of box consistency. Expand
A C++ implementation of CLP
A C++ library that embodies Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) concepts such as logical variables, incremental constraint satisfaction and backtracking, and which combines Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with CLP. Expand
Applying Interval Arithmetic to Real, Integer, and Boolean Constraints
A unified processing for real, integer, and Boolean constraints based on a general narrowing algorithm which applies to any n-ary relation on R is presented and a new Constraint Logic Programming language called CLP(BNR), where BNR stands for Booleans, Naturals, and Reals is proposed. Expand
Consistency in Networks of Relations
The primary aim is to provide an accessible, unified framework, within which to present the algorithms including a new path consistency algorithm, to discuss their relationships and the may applications, both realized and potential of network consistency algorithms. Expand
Comparing Partial Consistencies
The relations among the different partial consistencies which are main emphasis of these algorithms are stated and the capability of these partial consistency to handle the so-called dependency problem is analysed. Expand
Constraint Arithmetic on Real Intervals
Constraint interval arithmetic is a sublanguage of BNR Prolog which takes a new approach to the old problem of deriving numerical consequences from algebraic models by bypassing the traditional dichotomy between (numeric) calculation and (symbolic) proofs. Expand
On automatic differentiation
Simulation of the radionucleide transport in underground in order to determine the impact of a possible propagation of radioelements and the modelling of the flow in porous media around the storage requires to know the physical parameters of the different geological layers. Expand