[Revised objectives of postgraduate clinical training in JSCP].


Japanese medical graduates are recommended to receive clinical training for more than two years after graduation, because undergraduate clinical training is insufficient. In 1979, the educational committee of the Japan Society of Clinical Pathology (JSCP) proposed the objectives of postgraduate training for clinical pathologist, and the minimal training period should be 5 years of which at least 1 year should be completed in internal medicine or anatomic pathology or clinical physiology. The field of clinical pathology seen dramatic development since 1979. Therefore, we here present the revised objectives of basic clinical training in 1993. This training in general internal medicine should be the precondition for further postgraduate training in clinical pathology or laboratory medicine. It is emphasized that clinical trainees should have basic clinical skills which include interviewing techniques, skills in physical examination and communication skills to other doctors and other medical co-workers in POS (Problem Oriented System).

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