Revised hypothesis and future perspectives.

  title={Revised hypothesis and future perspectives.},
  author={Guido Petrat and Christian Drummer and N. J. Christensen and Massimo Cirillo and Martina Heer and Herbert J. Kramer and Jacques Regnard and Natale Gaspare De Santo},
  journal={American journal of kidney diseases : the official journal of the National Kidney Foundation},
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Results from space have been unexpected and not predictable from the results of ground-based simulations. Therefore, the concept of how weightlessness and gravity modulates the regulation of body fluids must be revised and a new simulation model developed. The main questions to ask in the future are the following: Does weightlessness induce a diuresis and natriuresis during the initial hours of space flight leading to an extracellular and intravascular fluid volume deficit? Can sodium in excess… CONTINUE READING