Revised calibration of the Reflotron cholesterol assay evaluated.

  title={Revised calibration of the Reflotron cholesterol assay evaluated.},
  author={G. J. M. Boerma and I van Gorp and Tik L. Liem and B. Leijnse and Joan Bellm and Carsten Carstensen},
  journal={Clinical chemistry},
  volume={34 6},
We evaluated the Boehringer Mannheim (B.M.) Reflotron Total Cholesterol "dry-chemistry" method after its recalibration in 1987. Reports in the literature up to 1986-1987 of a negative bias (up to -10%) in the method prompted a revision of the factory-set calibration of the Reflotron. For this, B.M. prepared a new set of calibrators with 12 different concentrations of cholesterol. We checked in two ways whether accuracy had been achieved: (a) The values assigned to the calibrators by B.M. were… CONTINUE READING

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