Revised absolute amplitude calibration of the LOPES experiment

  title={Revised absolute amplitude calibration of the LOPES experiment},
  author={K. Link and T. Huege and W. D. Apel and J. C. Arteaga-Vel'azquez and L. Bahren and K. Bekk and M. Bertaina and P. Biermann and J. Blumer and H. Bozdog and I. Brancus and E. Cantoni and A. Chiavassa and K. Daumiller and V. Souza and F. Pierro and P. Doll and R. Engel and H. Falcke and B. Fuchs and H. Gemmeke and C. Grupen and A. Haungs and D. Heck and R. Hiller and J. Horandel and A. Horneffer and D. Huber and P. G. Isar and K. Kampert and D. Kang and O. Kromer and J. Kuijpers and P. Luczak and M. Ludwig and H. Mathes and M. Melissas and C. Morello and J. Oehlschlager and N. Palmieri and T. Pierog and J. Rautenberg and H. Rebel and M. Roth and C. Ruhle and A. Saftoiu and H. Schieler and A. Schmidt and S. Schoo and F. Schroder and O. {\vS}{\'i}ma and G. Toma and G. Trinchero and A. Weindl and J. Wochele and J. Zabierowski and J. Zensus},
  • K. Link, T. Huege, +54 authors J. Zensus
  • Published 2015
  • Physics
  • Abstract One of the main aims of the LOPES experiment was the evaluation of the absolute amplitudeof the radio signal of air showers. This is of special interest since the radio technique offers the pos-sibility for an independent and highly precise determination of the energy scale of cosmic rays onthe basis of signal predictions from Monte Carlo simulations. For the calibration of the amplitudemeasured by LOPES we used an external source. Previous comparisons of LOPES measurementsand… CONTINUE READING
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