Revised Classification, Nomenclator and Typification of Gastropod and Monoplacophoran Families

  title={Revised Classification, Nomenclator and Typification of Gastropod and Monoplacophoran Families},
  author={P. Bouchet and Jean-Pierre Rocroi and B. Hausdorf and A. Kaim and Y. Kano and A. N{\"u}tzel and P. Parkhaev and M. Schr{\"o}dl and E. Strong},
  pages={1 - 526}
  • P. Bouchet, Jean-Pierre Rocroi, +6 authors E. Strong
  • Published 2017
  • Biology
  • Malacologia
  • ABSTRACT 2,604 names at the rank of subtribe, tribe, subfamily, family and superfamily have been proposed for Recent and fossil gastropods, and another 35 for monoplacophorans. All names are listed in a nomenclator giving full bibliographical reference, date of publication, typification, and their nomenclatural availability and validity under the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. Another 790 names, established for categories above the familygroup (infraorder to subclass) are listed… CONTINUE READING
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