Reviews Editor's Introduction

  title={Reviews Editor's Introduction},
  author={John C. Berg},
  journal={New Political Science},
  pages={129 - 143}
  • John C. Berg
  • Published 1 June 2001
  • Political Science
  • New Political Science
It is hard to write about anything besides the US attack on Iraq. President Bush and his team seem absolutely determined to have a war, and Congress, which the US Constitution assigns the responsibility for declarations of war, has abdicated that responsibility, voting by a large margin, and in advance, to give the president a free rein. Yet there is hope. At a recent peace rally on Boston Common, the actor Tim Robbins pointed out that it had taken years of war in Vietnam before a crowd of that… 

A Critical Assessment of Eco-Marxism: A Ghanaian Case Study

This essay will explore the ways in which Eco-Marxism can be used to assess the illegal gold mining industry in Ghana and its suitability in offering a solution to the environmental crisis. Largely,



When Corporations Rule the World

We humans live by stories, says David Korten, and the stories that now govern our society set us on a path to certain self-destruction. In this profound new book, Korten shares the results of his

Albert Camus: A Life

In this vibrant, engaging biography of Albert Camus, the internationally acclaimed author of The Stranger, The Plague, and The Fall, French writer and Although the stake being in packages he takes

Hierarchy in the Forest

Are humans by nature hierarchical or egalitarian? "Hierarchy in the Forest" addresses this question by examining the evolutionary origins of social and political behavior. Christopher Boehm, an

How Chiefs Come to Power: The Political Economy in Prehistory

1. Introduction: the nature of political power 2. The long-term developments of three chiefdoms: Denmark, Hawaii, and the Andes 3. Sources of economic power 4. Military power: the strategic use of

The third chimpanzee : the evolution and future of the human animal

Jared Diamond explores how the extraordinary human animal developed the capacity to rule the world and the means to irrevocably destroy it in a remarkably short time.

Female Power and Male Dominance: On the Origins of Sexual Inequality

List of tables and figures Preface Introduction Part I. Plans for Sex-Role Behaviour: 1. Scripts for female power 2. Scripts for male dominance Part II. Constructing Sex-Role Plans: 3. The

Nature and Madness

Through much of history, humanity's relationship with the earth has been plagued by ambivalence - while enjoying and appreciating the forces of nature, we have also sought to plunder, alter and

Ecology, community, and lifestyle

Dwellers in the Land: The Bioregional Vision

Focuses on the development of these bioregionally focused communities and the places where they are established to create a society that is both ecologically sustainable and satisfying to its