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Reviewing the behavioral science knowledge base on technology transfer. Introduction.

  title={Reviewing the behavioral science knowledge base on technology transfer. Introduction.},
  author={T. Backer and S. David and G. Soucy},
  journal={NIDA research monograph},
Resources and training in outpatient substance abuse treatment facilities.
It is suggested that financial resources are important in initial exposure to new interventions but that successful utilization of new techniques depends in part on the degree of burnout and collaboration experienced by counselors. Expand
The Impact of Electronic Health Care Record on Physicians' Professional Authority
The purpose of the Electronic Healthcare Record is to improve the service quality by reducing medical errors, prevention, monitoring, diagnosis, prioritization, treatment, follow-up, provision ofExpand
Improving the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Mental Health Professionals Regarding Dual Diagnosis Treatment – a Mixed Methods Study of an Intervention
Results showed that the intervention overall yielded improvement in knowledge and attitudes, while the impact on assessment and treatment practices was limited. Expand
Increasing Implementation Fidelity for School-Based Drug Abuse Prevention: Effectiveness of Enhanced Training and Technical Assistance
Objective: A substantial barrier to translating prevention science into practice is the potential for low implementation fidelity when evidence-based interventions are delivered in real-worldExpand
Organizational Readiness Tools for Global Health Intervention: A Review
  • J. Dearing
  • Business, Medicine
  • Front. Public Health
  • 2018
Results suggest that these tools assess organizational capacity in the absence of measuring organizational motivation, thus overlooking a key aspect of organizational readiness, and suggest opportunities for implementation science researchers. Expand
Implementation of an evidence-based biobehavioral treatment for cancer patients
Implementation of a behavioral medicine EBT provides a “real-world” demonstration of a BBI moved from the research setting to diverse communities and finding their success in doing so is an encouraging example of training and supporting mental health providers to deliver evidence-based psychological treatment. Expand
Interventions in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: An international perspective.
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) are present across countries and cultures, with prevalence rates threatening to rise in the coming years. In order to support children and families with FASDExpand
The Impact of School’s Corporate Cultures on Teacher’s Entrepreneurial Orientation: The Mediating Role of Readiness for Change
The competition between schools in this era of globalization, especially among private schools, requisites entrepreneurial orientation development to private schools context. Many previous studiesExpand
Designing and Implementation of Retina Image Drawing System and Automatic Report Generation from Retina Examinations
  • R. Safdari, M. Mokhtaran, Shahram Tahmasebian
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • Acta informatica medica : AIM : journal of the Society for Medical Informatics of Bosnia & Herzegovina : casopis Drustva za medicinsku informatiku BiH
  • 2016
A software application for drawing retina picture was developed for the purpose of storing valuable medical data from the pictures, and also UMLS standard was applied for the standardization purpose. Expand
Formative research to reduce mine worker respirable silica dust exposure: a feasibility study to integrate technology into behavioral interventions
Researchers found recurring themes for both target audiences that informed the need and subsequent development of a mixed-method multilevel intervention to improve communication quantity and quality around dust-control practices. Expand


Adapting to the modem world means that the now dominant hierarchy will assume a residual role, confined primarily to the top-most reaches of the organization.
  • 1993
Interpretive Barriers to Successful Product Innovation in Large Firms
The development of commercially viable new products requires that technological and market possibilities are linked effectively in the product's design. Innovators in large firms have persistentExpand
Interpretive Interactionism
  • Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications,
  • 1989
Dissemination of a Job Seekers' Workshop to drug treatment programs *
To compare the effectiveness of techniques for disseminating an innovative job skills training program, 172 drug treatment programs in six USA states were randomly assigned to receive either printedExpand
A Short-Term Evaluation of Project Dare (Drug Abuse Resistance Education): Preliminary Indications of Effectiveness
  • W. DeJong
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of drug education
  • 1987
Compared to a control group, students who had DARE training reported significantly lower use of alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs since graduating from sixth grade. Expand
The Invisible Bureaucracy: The Unconscious in Organizational Problem Solving
1. Problem-solving as powerful collaboration: a framework. 2. Confusion about power in bureaucracy: a case example 3. Ambiguous and unequal responsibility and authority 4. Autonomy, shame and doubtExpand
Social Foundations of Thought and Action
Effective Correctional Treatment: Bibliotherapy for Cynics
There are several types of intervention programs that have proved successful with offender popu lations and these intervention programs illustrate pointedly why there have been so many failures reported in correctional treatment. Expand
Organizational Learning and Communities-of-Practice: Toward a Unified View of Working, Learning, and Innovation
Recent ethnographic studies of workplace practices indicate that the ways people actually work usually differ fundamentally from the ways organizations describe that work in manuals, trainingExpand
A New Writing Environment and an Old Culture: A Situated Evaluation of Computer Networking to Teach Writing
This article analyzes the implementation of ENFI, an innovation that uses computers and local‐area networks in the teaching of writing and identifies 16 distinct realizations, relating each to characteristics of the setting in which it appeared. Expand