Reviewers for Journal of Economic Entomology: (September 2014-September 2015).

  title={Reviewers for Journal of Economic Entomology: (September 2014-September 2015).},
  author={Habib Abbasipour and Samir Moustafa Abd-alla and Hiroshi Abe and Halide Nihal Acikgoz and Andrew Adams and Peter Adler and Mohammad-Amir Aghaee and Arthur M. Agnello and Ingrid Aguilar and Abu Hassan Ahmad and John David Aigner and C{\'e}dric Alaux and Mohamed Alburaki and Mohammad Ali Al-Deeb and Corrine Alexander and John and Clare Allen and Jeremy Dean Allison and Steven R. Alm and Anthony Almudevar and Diane Alston and Israel Alvarado and Andrei Alyokhin and Kaushalya G. Amarasekare and Tetsu Ando and Stefanos S. Andreadis and Goran G Andri{\'c} and S. Ansari and Arthur G. Appel and Elisabeth Ar{\'e}valo and J. Scott Armstrong and Karen F. Armstrong and Franklin H. Arthur and Steven Paul Arthurs and Derek R. Artz and Peter Asiimwe and Christos G. Athanassiou and Remzi Atlihan and Paola Gonz{\'a}lez Audino and James Austin and Anne L. Averill and Dimitrios N. Avtzis and Dimitris Avtzis and Georges F. Backoulou and Elaine A. Backus and Habibullah Bahar and Christine A. Bahlai and Jennifer A. Banfield-Zanin and Jelena Barbir and Jeffrey K. Barnes and James Barry and Kathirvelu Baskar and Kristen A. Baum and David P. Bellamy and Robert Bellinger and Giovanni Benelli and Joshua B. Benoit and BL Beres and Christopher Bergh and Julio S Bernal and Ricardo T Bessin and James A. Bethke and Philip K. Bett and Julien M. Beuzelin and Blake Bextine and James M. Bing and Antonio Biondi and Lisa Bird and Mark S. Blackmore and Carlos Blanco and Maria Carolina Blassioli and Moraes and Sue L. Blodgett and Kenneth A Bloem and Joni Loran Blount and J. -L. Boev{\'e} and Guy Boivin and Mariangela Bonizzoni and Steven P. Booth and Warren Booth and John H. Borden and Domenico Bosco and Janice L. Bossart and Robert D. Bowling and Steven Bradbury and Jeff D. Bradshaw and Sidney S Braman and Evan Braswell and Gary Brewer and Hugh B. Britten and Octavio Augusto and Bruzzone and Rebecca Buckman and Grzegorz A. Buczkowski and David Buntin and Anthony Burd and Eric C. Burkness and Charles S. Burks and Casey Butler and Helena Bylund and Jason Byrd and Cristina Cabaleiro and Tom{\'a}s Cabello and Jim Campbell and James H. Cane and David L Cappaert and Michael A. Caprio and James R Carey and James E. Carpenter and Yves Carri{\`e}re and Steve Castle and Boris Castro and Ricardo Castro-Torres and Ana Cristina Cerqueira and Cavalcante and D. H. Cha},
  journal={Journal of economic entomology},
  volume={108 6},
Habib Abbasipour Samir M. M. Abd-Alla Hiroshi Abe Halide Nihal Acikgoz Andrew Adams Peter Adler Mohammad-Amir Aghaee Arthur Agnello Ingrid Aguilar Abu Hassan Ahmad John David Aigner Cedric Alaux Mohamed Alburaki Mohammad Ali Al-Deeb Corrine Alexander John All Clare Allen Jeremy Allison Steven Alm Anthony Almudevar Diane Alston Israel Alvarado Andrei Alyokhin Kaushalya Amarasekare Tetsu Ando Stefanos Andreadis Goran Andric M Shafiq Ansari Arthur Appel Elisabeth Arevalo J. Scott Armstrong Karen… CONTINUE READING