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Review paper on Big Data in healthcare informatics

  title={Review paper on Big Data in healthcare informatics},
  author={Harshita Kumar and Nishant Singh},
---------------------------------------------------------------------***--------------------------------------------------------------------Abstract The rapid increase in computational power, the number of internet enabled data generating devices and the falling costs of data storage itself which make data available to everybody for virtually no cost have primarily lead to the emergence of big data. Health Care is one of the major areas where the use of big data analytics has become monumental… 
A framework for selecting analytics tools to improve healthcare big data usefulness in developing countries
  • T. Iyamu
  • Computer Science
    SA Journal of Information Management
  • 2020
The relationships that exit between actors, and the actors’ interactions in the process of providing medical services contribute to the sources of big data, so it is necessary to holistically analyse healthcare big data from both technical and non-technical perspectives.
Data Mining Prediction Techniques in Health Care Sector
  • Minakshi Sharma
  • Computer Science, Medicine
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series
  • 2022
Various data mining techniques can be used in medical industries for the best outcome as covid pandemic is affecting everyone and due to surge in coronavirus cases, put creaky health infrastructure in spotlight.
Analysis of Health-Tweets using K-means clustering
By combining the tweets from these 16 records, top 5 clusters of positive and negative words are obtained by using K-means clustering, and the corresponding plot for the frequency of top 40 words is obtained.


Mobile, Cloud, and Big Data Computing: Contributions, Challenges, and New Directions in Telecardiology
With information technology, real-time tele-consultation and tele-diagnosis of ECG and images can be practiced via an e-platform for clinical, research, and educational purposes and these services will increase global collaboration and advance clinical practice, education, and scientific research in cardiology.
Bringing Big Data to Personalized Healthcare: A Patient-Centered Framework
The foundations of work that takes a Big Data driven approach towards personalized healthcare are presented, and its applicability to patient-centered outcomes, meaningful use, and reducing re-admission rates are demonstrated.
Challenges and Opportunities with Big Data
The controversies and myths surrounding Big Data are explored, to try to explore the controversies and debunk the myths around Big Data.
Big Data in Healthcare Hype and Hope
How Big Data is becoming a growing force in the changing healthcare landscape is explored and how to generate, capture, analyze and make use of the streams of new kinds of data that are about to flood healthcare is explored.
Wearable medical devices for tele-home healthcare
  • K. Hung, Y.T. Zhang, B. Tai
  • Medicine
    The 26th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
  • 2004
A cuffless BP meter has been developed and tested on 30 subjects in a total of 71 trials over a period of five months, and preliminary results show a mean error and standard deviation of error are high.
Big Data, CEP and IoT : Redefining Holistic Healthcare Information Systems and Analytics
This paper aims to lay the groundwork for a healthcare system which builds upon integration of Big Data, CEP and IoT.
Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity
The amount of data in our world has been exploding, and analyzing large data sets—so-called big data— will become a key basis of competition, underpinning new waves of productivity growth,
Big data analytics in healthcare: promise and potential
Big data analytics in healthcare is evolving into a promising field for providing insight from very large data sets and improving outcomes while reducing costs, and its potential is great; however there remain challenges to overcome.