Review on anti-loosening methods for threaded fasteners

  title={Review on anti-loosening methods for threaded fasteners},
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Concept of radial slippage propagation triggering self-loosening and optimisation design of novel anti-loosening structures

Self-loosening of bolted joints can occur in a vibration environment, and it may induce bolt fatigue fracture with catastrophic consequences. It is essential to clarify the self-loosening mechanism,

Improving the fatigue life of the tool-joint of drill pipes by optimizing the variable pitch of the box thread

The reliability of oil drill-strings largely depends on the reliability of tool-joints. It is known that the load along the tool-joint thread is distributed unevenly and it is possible to equalize it

Research on the mechanism and up-front prevention of automotive rattle based on characteristic distance stick-slip model

A shearing motion inevitably occurs along the creep distance on the macroscopic surface of two objects before the friction transformed from static into kinetic state when they come into contact each

TiN/CrN, CrAlN ve TiN Kaplamaların AISI M2 Takım Çeliğinin Performansına Etkileri

The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of various ceramic-based coatings on the performance of AISI M2 high-speed steel punch used in the nut piercing process. AISI M2 punches were

Vision Transformer based knowledge distillation for fasteners defect detection

The study showed that the proposed vision transformer-based KD approach overcome the requirements of limited computational resources and can be deployed on low-power and resource limited devices and outperforms in terms of mean accuracy on the test datasets compared to stand-alone CNN methods.

Dauerhaftigkeit und Robustheit von Schraubenverbindungen bei Kranbahnträgern

Der Beitrag behandelt ausgewählte Themen im Zusammenhang mit Schraubenverbindungen bei Kranbahnträgern. Eingangs wird auf das Verhalten der Verbindung beim Anziehen und unter äußerer Beanspruchung



Development of an anti-loosening fastener and comparing its performance with different other threaded fasteners

AbstractThreaded fasteners are widely used for temporary joining of different components that require occasional disassembling. However, threaded fasteners may have the problem of loosening under

A Study on Anti-Loosening Characteristics of Different 3/8 BSW Threaded Fasteners

A significant advantage of the threaded fastener is its capability of being dismantled using simple tools. However, threaded fasteners have an inherent and inevitable limitation that they loosen

The failure of threaded fasteners due to vibration

Abstract The main objective of this paper is to study the loosening tendency of a threaded fastener. To achieve the objective, the threaded fastener looseness model is constructed through the

Development of Thread Rolled Anti-Loosening Bolts Based on the Double Thread Mechanism and a Performance Evaluation

It has already been proven that bolt fasteners based on the double thread mechanism have an excellent anti-loosening performance. The purpose of this study is to establish a mass production method

A Novel Prevailing Torque Threaded Fastener and Its Analysis

We present a novel concept of a threaded fastener that is resistant to loosening under vibration. The anti-loosening feature does not use any additional element and is based on modifying the geometry

Optimum Design of Thin Walled Tube on the Mechanical Performance of Super Lock Nut

The bolts and nuts are widely used in various fields as important joining elements with long history. However, loosening induced by the vibration and external loads is still a big problem. For