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Review on Software and Hardware Reliability and Metrics

  title={Review on Software and Hardware Reliability and Metrics},
  author={K. Kaur and S. Anand},
Reliability is one of the important parts of any software that cannot be ignored and hard to measured. Software Reliability is defined as probabilistic function of time it is not a direct function of time. Various approaches can be used to improve the reliability of software and hardware. However it is hard to balance development time and budget with software reliability. Software does not have moving parts and does not physically wear out as hardware, but is does outlive its usefulness and… Expand


Exploitation of Quantitative Approaches to Software Reliability
A survey on different models of software reliability and their characteristics is presented and a proposed taxonomy of different models is proposed to aid the comprehension of these models for practitioners, developers, and users. Expand
Software reliability measurement
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A theory of software reliability based on execution or cpu time, and a concomitant model of the testing and debugging process that permits execution time to be related to calendar time are outlined. Expand
A scenario-based reliability analysis approach for component-based software
A reliability model, and a reliability analysis technique for component-based software, using scenarios of component interactions, is introduced and a probabilistic model named Component-Dependency Graph (CDG) is constructed. Expand
Demonstrating reliability growth requirements with confidence
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This paper develops a methodology that utilizes both the reliability growth test data and demonstration test data in order to demonstrate the requirement with confidence and with sufficient reliability growth lower the true design reliability that is necessary to pass the demonstration test with a high probability. Expand
Applying and Interpreting Object Oriented Metrics
Object-oriented design and development is becoming very popular in today's software development environment. Object oriented development requires not only a different approach to design andExpand
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