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Review on Social Media Security Based on one-Time Password and Biometric System

  title={Review on Social Media Security Based on one-Time Password and Biometric System},
  author={Dr. Karmel and N Gulshan.A.},
Social media is notable destinations amongst young people and older folks. This suggests it is consistently used for both systole and diastole purposes. Understanding which sorts of direct constitute web based systems administration bugging can help you and your child perceive if he or she has transformed into a setback so that their lead can be dealt with appropriately. The impact of the problem is also drastically increasing .To prevent from such problems we can implement a biometric security… 


Design of Two-Way One-Time-Password Authentication Scheme Based on True Random Numbers
  • F. Y. Tao, S. Ping
  • Computer Science
    2009 Second International Workshop on Computer Science and Engineering
  • 2009
A new authentication scheme based on OTP that generates random numbers quickly by physical methods and applies them in aspects of the whole authentication process and can guarantee the dynamic and secure property of passwords.
Comparable features and same cryptography key generation using biometric fingerprint image
  • Gaurang Panchal, D. Samanta
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    2016 2nd International Conference on Advances in Electrical, Electronics, Information, Communication and Bio-Informatics (AEEICB)
  • 2016
The advantages of this approach are that it generate unique and dynamic biometric-based cryptography key, the storage of neither templates nor keys are required and it is faster and accurate in terms of key generation.
The Public Security and Personal Privacy Survey: Biometric Technology in Hong Kong
This survey explores Hong Kong residents' acceptance of biometric authentication and their thoughts on a new biometric method: finger-knuckle print recognition.
Efficient fingerprint image protection principles using selective JPEG2000 encryption
This work introduces and assess low complexity selective encryption schemes applied to JPEG2000 compressed fingerprint data and deduces design principles for such schemes which will guide to finally design recognition system aware encryption schemes with low encryption complexity and decent protection capability.
How Socially Aware Are Social Media Privacy Controls?
Social media sites are key mediators of online communication. Yet the privacy controls for these sites are not fully socially aware, even when privacy management is known to be fundamental to
Visualization of the social bot's fingerprints
This paper investigates ways to select the best features from a data set for automated classification of different types of social media accounts (ex. bot versus real account) via visualization and tries to visualize which features may be more effective for classification using self-organizing maps.