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Review on Medicinal and Nutritional Values of Goat Milk

  title={Review on Medicinal and Nutritional Values of Goat Milk},
  author={Tilahun Zenebe and N. Ahmed and Tadele Kabeta and Girma Gashu Kebede},
Goats are important component of livestock industry having adaptability to harsh climates which make them suitable for landless and marginal farmers. The contribution of goats in supplying milk and milk products is high and it has significant role in rural economy and health. Goat rank third in terms of global milk production from different species. Goat milk contains higher amount of calcium, magnesium and phosphors than cow and human milk. Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and proteins which… 
Perspective role of goat milk and products: A review
Goats play a vital role in livestock industries and socio-economic structure of rural people, and goat milk products other than cheeses are considered to be the dairy products with greatest marketing potential.
Goat milk composition and nutritional value: A review
Goat milk is one of the earliest known super foods as goats were the first farm animals to be domesticated. Goat milk is nutritionally closest to cows' milk yet it has certain physical properties
Goat Keeping and Goat Milk Products in Human Nutrition - Review
It is concluded that goat breeding would play an important role in mitigating and adapting to climate change in harsh environments, as goats are the most adapted species to heat stress in terms of production, reproduction and resistance to diseases.
Recently Ongoing Progresses and Future Prospects of Worldwide Dairy Goat Industry
Goat milk production and processing is a dynamic and growing industry that is fundamental to the health of hundreds of millions of people worldwide and is recognized as an important contributor to
Recent advancements in the functionality of the components from goat milk and its products
© Abstract: The purpose of this review is to present inclusive information regarding the recent advancements in the functionality of the components from goat milk and its products. In view of the
This review presents the protein and amino acid composition of both goat colostrums and milk and describes the properties of goat colostrums and milk components. In addition, the prospects of use of
Goat’s Milk (GM), a Booster to Human Immune System against Diseases
Milk is clean lacteal secretion from mammalians shortly after parturition. GM is taken as a complete meal in human diet. GM is the only milk from milching species that possess possibility of
Physicochemical composition, microbiological quality and consumers’ acceptability of raw and pasteurized locally produced goat milk
The present study aimed to compare the raw and pasteurized goat milks in aspects of physicochemical composition, microbiological quality, and stability of lactic acid bacteria. Consumers’
Differences in the Detailed Milk Mineral Composition of Italian Local and Saanen Goat Breeds
Major and trace minerals in milk of five Italian local goat breeds and a cosmopolitan goat breed throughout lactation were quantified, with greater concentration at the end than at the beginning of the lactation for almost all minerals, while only P, Mg and Zn milk content differed among breeds.
Factors affecting quality of goat's milk yogurt
The article presents and argues the factors determining the quality of cow milk and goat milk, the technological scheme for the manufacture of yogurt by the thermostat method, and its quality indexes (organoleptic, physico-chemical and microbiological).


Ability of goat milk to modulate healthy human peripheral blood lymphomonocyte and polymorphonuclear cell function: in vitro effects and clinical implications.
Goat's milk for its capacity to produce NO and induction of proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines suggests the ability of this milk to maintain immune homeostasis in the immunocompromised host (e.g., aged people).
Bioactive Components in Goat Milk
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