Review on Cold Spray Process and Technology: Part I—Intellectual Property

  title={Review on Cold Spray Process and Technology: Part I—Intellectual Property},
  author={Eric Irissou and Jean Gabriel Legoux and Anatoly N. Ryabinin and Bertrand Jodoin and Christian Moreau},
  journal={Journal of Thermal Spray Technology},
The number of research papers as well as of patents and patent applications on cold spray and cold spray related technologies has grown exponentially in the current decade. This rapid growth of activity brought a tremendous amount of information on this technology in a short period of time. The main motivation for this review is to summarize the rapidly expanding common knowledge on cold spray to help researchers and engineers already or soon to be involved for their future endeavors with this… 

Review on Cold Spray Process and Technology US Patents

In the past 10 years, the cold spray process has gained in maturity leading to a significant increase in the patents released on system innovation and process implementation in number of industrial

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Cold spray is one of the various names for describing an all-solid-state coating process that uses a high-speed gas jet to accelerate powder particles toward a substrate where they plastically deform

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Cold gas dynamic spraying, or cold spraying (CS), is a solid-state coating process wherein powders in a carrier gas are accelerated toward a substrate. Under sufficiently high impact velocities, the

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Cold spray technology, originated from the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is a rapidly emerging industrial coating technology. Cold

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Cold Spray (CS) is a deposition process, part of the thermal spray family. In this method, powder particles are accelerated at supersonic speed within a nozzle; impacts against a substrate material

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Cold spray (CS) is an emerging revolutionary technology for deposition of metal or composite powders at a low temperature. High quality deposits can be produced without heating related defects, such

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Cold gas dynamic spraying (CGDS) is a relatively new technology of cold spraying techniques that uses converging-diverging (De Laval) nozzle at a supersonic velocity to accelerate different solid

Microstructure and bonding mechanisms in cold spray coatings

  • M. Walker
  • Materials Science
    Materials Science and Technology
  • 2018
ABSTRACT Cold spray additive manufacturing is a solid state deposition process with applications in surface coatings, manufacture of near net shape parts and component repairs. The technology can be

Coeval Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing Variances and Innovative Contributions

Tremendous attention has been given to the cold spray process, even more today with the emergence of additive manufacturing, worldwide. Several inventions related to the cold spray technology have



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Currently available facilities in Cold Spray are limited in use because of some unwanted features. The first feature is powder feeding into working gas, possibly uniform heating and acceleration up

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This paper reports activities of a consortium of companies formed under the aegis of the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) to explore a cold gas-dynamic spray method (CGSM) developed

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A method and an apparatus for forming a dense coating that has desirable stress conditions similar to coatings formed by a cold spray process, but has higher process efficiency and lower gas

Method of forming metal foams by cold spray technique

The present invention relates to a method of forming metallic foams using cold spray processing. The method allows for the formation of metallic foams on existing substrates as a layer. The method

Porous coated member and manufacturing method thereof using cold spray

A thermomechanically applied member which can be used in a wide range of applications without causing damage on a matrix due to thermal strain or thermal shock, and in which porosity, pore size and

Method and apparatus for applying powder coating

FIELD: processes and equipment for applying powder coating. SUBSTANCE: method comprises steps of preparing objects for applying powder coating by providing temporary holding of powder; then applying

Apparatus for gasodynamically applying coatings of powdered materials

FIELD: coatings. SUBSTANCE: apparatus contains compressed air source 1 connected through pipeline 2 to heating unit 3. Outlet of the latter is connected to inlet of supersonic nozzle 4, supercritical


The present invention relates to offices Results of aluminum nitride (AlN) and a method of manufacturing an electrostatic chuck. In particular, the invention relates to offices Results of aluminum

Replaceable throat insert for a kinetic spray nozzle

The invention convergence for kinetic spray system provides a diverging supersonic nozzle. Supersonic nozzle is an outlet end and including the other side of the first end and the outlet end