Review of the literature

  title={Review of the literature},
  author={A. M. R.},
  • A. R.
  • Published 2005
  • Hernia
The companies split stocks for various reasons. The reasons are: to encourage more retail investors to trade in the stock market (Focusing on Liquidity); to signal about the future prospects of the company (Focusing on Signaling) to bring the prices of the shares to a desired trading level (Focusing on Trading Range); to draw the attention of investors to ensure that the information about the company is recognized more widely than before (Focusing on Neglected Firm issues). A review of existing… 
This study investigates the prevalence of transactions resulting in negative goodwill under IFRS 3 Business Combinations. For a sample of 1,440 firm-year observations of listed German firms for the
OPEC pricing power : the need for a new perspective
Since the 1973 oil price shock, the history and behaviour of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) have received considerable attention both in the academic literature and in the
Trade and access to finance of SMEs: is there a nexus?
Limited resources and barriers to entry are critically higher for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) than for large companies. One of the reasons explaining why the resources of SMEs are scarce is
The Labor Market Effects of Foreign Direct Investment and Institutional Changes in The United States
The role of foreign capital as a job creator is becoming increasingly important in the context of globalization. Although the purpose and scale of their business activities may vary, foreign
The new paradigm of international production: Empirical evidence of Spanish offshoring activities
In this paper, the author presents the impact of new players and factors in international business activities, which have a direct influence on international economic structure. One of the most
Bankruptcy Reforms When Workers Extract Rents
Firms file for bankruptcy reorganization (Chapter 11) not only to restructure debt but also to restructure labor contracts. Starting from this observation, I build a theory where shareholders weigh
Why do oil price shocks no longer shock
This paper surveys the literature on the relationship between oil prices and the macroeconomy in order to explain why high oil prices over the past three years do not appear to have led to a
Allocation of Company Research and Development Expenditures to Industries Using a Tobit Model
This paper uses Census microdata and a regression-based approach to assign multi-division firms’ pre-2008 Research and Development (R&D) expenditures to more than one industry. Since multi-division
Model H application to determine synergic effects on merger and acquisition
Synergistic effects arise as effects of joint action based on mergers or acquisitions. Bundling is a common part of the growth strategy. A merger may acquire forms of merger or merger. Acquisition
A Calibrated Trade Model of Agglomeration
This paper explores just how good the idea of international agglomeration of industry can be at explaining observed economic differences between countries. An international trade model with