Review of the hymenopteran fauna of New Caledonia with a checklist of species.

  title={Review of the hymenopteran fauna of New Caledonia with a checklist of species.},
  author={John T. Jennings and Lars Krogmann and Chris J. Burwell},
The hymenopteran fauna of New Caledonia is reviewed and compared with that of Australia and New Zealand, as well as other islands in the south-west Pacific. In conclusion, several different scenarios (e.g., recent dispersal events and radiations) can be used to explain the extant distribution of New Caledonian Hymenoptera. A detailed checklist of 409 species and subspecies of Hymenoptera of New Caledonia is provided, along with estimates of the undescribed fauna, and a summary of the general… 

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Synopsis of the hymenopteran fauna of Lord Howe Island with a preliminary checklist of species.
This work uses material collected from a recent intensive invertebrate survey, in conjunction with the published literature, to provide an overview of the Hymenoptera known from the island that can act as a basis for future taxonomic and biodiversity research.
Additions to the xiphydriid woodwasp (Hymenoptera, Xiphydriidae) fauna of New Caledonia
This is the sixth species of Xiphydriidae known from New Caledonia and the female of C. crocea Smith is described, and a new locality for this species and for C. caledonia Smith is given.
New species and records of Evanioidea and Stephanoidea from New Caledonia (Hymenoptera)
Three new species of aulacid wasps, Aulacus pascali sp. nov., Pristaulacus elveni sp. nov. and Pristaulacus villemantae sp. nov., and a new species of gasteruptiid wasp, Gasteruption jenningsi sp.
Two new ant species (Formicidae: Dorylinae, Ponerinae) from New Caledonia
Two new species of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) collected from New Caledonia are described and figured based on worker specimens: Leptogenys loarelae Ramage sp. nov. (Ponerinae, Ponerini) and
The gasteruptiid wasp fauna of New Caledonia, with description of three new species of Gasteruption (Hymenoptera: Evanioidea: Gasteruptiidae).
The subfamily Gasteruptiinae from New Caledonia is recorded for the first time and three new species of Gasteruption are described: G. lacoulee, G. maquis, and G. sarramea are described.
Diversification of myrmecophilous Clavigeritae beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae) and their radiation in New Caledonia
Clavigeritae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae) comprise a supertribe of specialized myrmecophile rove beetles that display numerous behavioural, chemical and anatomical modifications
The Aculeata of French Polynesia. III. Sphecidae, with the record of three new species for the Society Islands (Hymenoptera)
Une cle d’identification est proposede, permettant de distinguer l’ensemble des especes presentes sur le territoire de chaque espece surl’arachnofaune sont precises.


First record of Aulacidae (Hymenoptera: Evanioidea) from New Caledonia with descriptions of three new species of Aulacus Jurine
The parasitoid wasp family Aulacidae is recorded for the first time from New Caledonia, and three new species are described: Aulacus burwelli, A. coracinus, and A. emineo. Although recorded from just
New species of Lordomyrma (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Southeast Asia and Fiji
The occurrence of the former in Borneo expands the range of this genus to include Southeast Asia and the description of a new Fijian Lordomyrma indicates that this genus remains to be fully sampled, even in regions where it is considered to be well known.
Pseudofoenus caledonicus, a new species of hyptiogastrine wasp (Hymenoptera: Gasteruptiidae) from New Caledonia
Although a revised phylogenetic analysis does not resolve the relationships of P. caledonicus, neither the two New Caledonian species nor the south-west Pacific fauna in general are likely to be monophyletic, and this fauna is discussed in terms of its relationships with Pseudofoenus spp.
Aulacid wasps (Hymenoptera: Aulacidae) of New Guinea, with descriptions of five new species
The little known aulacid fauna of New Guinea comprises six geographically isolated, endemic species, previously known from a single species, Aulacus pterostigmatus (Szepligeti), that are described from New Guinea for the first time.
A new species of the wasp genus Clitemnestra Spinola, 1851 from New Caledonia (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Crabronidae, Bembicinae)
Clitemnestra noumeae Ohl, new species, the first member of the genus known from New Caledonia, is described. The shape of the abdomen is intermediate between Clitemnestra and Ochleroptera, thus
First record of Stephanidae (Hymenoptera) from New Caledonia, with descriptions of four new species of Parastephanellus Enderlein
The parasitoid wasp family Stephanidae is recorded for the first time from New Caledonia, and four new species are described; a key is provided to distinguish the species, as well as information on their distribution and possible relationships.
A revision of spider wasps of the genus Ctenostegus (Hymenoptera : Pompilidae)
Nearly half of the 65 species here recognized appear to be confined to the Eyrean faunal province and the major structural features are discussed and a key is presented to the 10 species-groups recognized.
New Caledonia as the centre of origin of Parastephanellus Enderlein, with a phylogeny and description of the female of P. khogis Aguiar (Hymenoptera, Stephanidae)
The female for Parastephanellus khogis Aguiar is described, expanding the knowledge of the family Stephanidae in New Caledonia, previously centered on four species all known from single specimens. We
New species of Arpactophilus from the island of New Caledonia (Hymenoptera, Sphecidae)
These are the first species of Arpactophilus from New Caledonia and bring the number to 37 species of the genus from Australia and nearby islands, all east of Wallace's Line.
The family Monomachidae is considered to comprise Monomachus Klug (from Australia and South America) and Tetraconus Szepligeti (South America). A family diagnosis and key to genera are presented, and